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Technificent Radio - Tuesday, March 26.2002


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Technificent Tuesday's back at yah.....after a few weeks of problems with the site (hack job) we are back strong!!!

NEW timeslot --> 9pm till 11 or there after ;)

this week Curt Martin will be manning the wheels of steel solo tonight...


^^ live link !!

or simply cruise by the dj schedule at www.djshows.com :)

i will try to post his tracklisting tomorrow....

take care,

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i tuned in for the first hour, but damn, what was with the ground loop/humming and the volume was pretty quiet....had a hard time just concentrating on the beats....

from what i heard though, it sounded good



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hrmmmmmmm... weird Tommy i had listened to what was recorded on my harddrive.... listened a bit to the archive link (then again my PC speakers are bunk) but i didnt really notice a hummm.... although Shamus emailed last night mentioning the same thing....


i was not here to man the controls , Curt was solo, anyhow, whats on my hardrive is clean (hummless) so i can still burn it for those interested... :)

take care,

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