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~technificent radio~ Feb.26.02


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yep, it's tuesday's live broadcast of technificent techno...the duo of..

Curt Martin 8pm -9:30

tEkKiD 9:30pm-11 or so....

live link at 8pm sharp below !!


by all means shoot us an email and we will shout you out !


p.s --> i will post a tracklisting tomorrow and the archived link!

take care,



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archive link...and tracklisting ^^^^

for those interested....


track listing...

Curt Martin


Surgeon - intro - Counterbalance
Infiniti - game one - Metroplex
Dj Pierre - matrix chamber - Kozzmozz
Alex Cortex - 6 billion - Kanzleramt
Samual L Session - givin' you - Kanzleramt
Basic Channel - phylpstrak
Heiko Laux - sensefiction (rmx) - Kanzleramt
Aril Brikha - art of vengeance - Transmat
Bryan Zentz - all terrain versions - Rotation
Technasia - resilence - Technasia
Octave One - a night like this (rmx) - PokerFlat
Entity - galatic schematix - Intrinsic Design
Joel Mull - archipelago - Inside
The Modernist - dali bop horizon - EMI
Samual L Session - check out this i bring - Cycle
Deetron - travel (rmx) - MusicMan
Jeff Mills - purposemaker 001 - Purposemaker
Percy X - trainwreck (rmx) - Blue
Pacou - replicant EP - Djax
Bryan Zentz - Medicine Drum - Tronic
Alter Ego vs. Human League - All i ever wanted - Klang Elektronik
The Operator - root - Djax
DJ Ki - ki agenda - Kozzmozz
Synapse - dust_mite - Kozzmozz
Heiko Laux - little computer people (rmx) - PS149net
Drexciya - lake haze - Tresor
Dj Rolando - expo 2000 - KlingKlang
UR - codebreaker - UndergroundResistance


9:30pm - 11 pm..

Jeff Cochrane/Adam Winick - intro - Format 005
Shamus Coghlan - her gruve - unreleased promo
Gez Varley - bayou paradis - Force Inc.
Marco Carola - 1st Question
Marco Carola - 2cd Queston
Rino Cerrone - Impression - Zenit
Gaetano Parisio - 9/10 - NNT
Johan Bacto - trapped - Skunkworks
Cari Lekebusch - roadworx(chris jackson rmx)Refined
The Youngsters vs. Kiko - muggy woman - Gfunk
Speedy J - electric deluxe (rmx C.Varela) - Additive
Christian Varela - promo - whitelabel
Marco Bailey - edge level - Zync
Marco Bailey - highway positions - Pornographic 04
Mhonolink - enskede gard - Promo
Adam Beyer - lost & found ep - Conform
Marco Carola - live act - One Thousand
Marco Carola - body dancer - Zenit
Slobodan - decay - SubSounds
Joel Mull - codered 05 - Codered
Thomas Chrome - shockabuku V 01 - Corb
Marco Carola - track 2 - Monostress Blue
Jeff Mills - the fuzz - Axis
Jeff Mills - alarms (first mix) - Purposemaker
Dj Funk - Run (uk) - Funk Records
Murat - 3rd Floor EP - Elephanthaus Records
John Thomas - undisputed life (technasia 2 rmx) - Sino
Channel One & Radius - threeOneTwo - Kompute




*for some fucking reason the archive link isnt working , if and when it does, ill repost it, until then im off to bed..... if you really want it can be located on the dj schedule at www.djshows.com *
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Destro Sanchez

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Alter Ego vs. Human League - All i ever wanted - Klang Elektronik

^^this sounds like a great record.

can't go wrong with alter ego, the league, all i ever wanted, and klang elektronik records. :)

Destro <-wish I could listen to it at work!


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Re: oh damn, you're the man....

Originally posted by tekno princess

doug you never disappoint!!!

is it possible to get my hands on a copy?

please :)

thanks Jenn , you are too kind :)

and yeah i can rip you a copy of the show, i have to convert it from Realplayer so the sound quality wont be as good though....

not a problem for the likes of yourself ;)
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