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Technics SL1200 M3D for Sale


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note: these are not MINE.. they are MAXX SCHOLZ's. THat sign up thing is disabled so he asked me to post this for him.

his contact


Thats right, I'm upgrading my studio for more a sutable, radio outlook. I'm looking to sell my BABIES. This means a good price, but i'm not gonna budge on them, as I'm not looking to pay off the local hustler. I'm looking to Buy another Pioneer 1000 cdj.

They come almost brand new, never been used other than studio, and they come with Odessey carying cases.

Price 1350.00 Inclusive. No tax.

A new pair of these with new cases would run about 1500 for tables, and 200 for the cases.

Here are the pics.




or PM me and I will fwd to him. He is from TO.
Serious inquiries only.
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Yes we all want the cases.. I want the damn cases too! But he wants to sell it as a PACKAGE... until further notice.:)
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