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Technics RP-DJ1200A Headphones


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Selling my headphones as I just don't really use them anymore. They're in great condition, perfect for djing.

$110 message here or: seanrwcrawford (aht) gmail (doht) com

The RP-DJ1200 is designed to fit the needs of the professional DJ, providing excellent sound quality and incredible bass in both standard and one-sided monitoring modes.
High quality sound
The RP-DJ1200 is designed to deliver clear, high-quality sound even at very high volumes.

High Input & Wide Frequency Range Driver
Driver units: 41mm (1 5/8in.) diameter. Frequency response: 8Hz - 30kHz.

Folding Swing Arms
The RP-DJ1200 can easily fold into multiple configurations for standard use, one-sided monitoring and storage.

Large Diameter Drivers
High Input Power
Swivel Mechanism
Removable Cable
Frequency Response 5Hz - 30kHz
Splash-Proof Design
Foldable Design
Carrying Pouch
Dimensions (H x W x D) 10.2" x 11.0" x 22.4"
Weight 4.5 lbs