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technical question for mac users


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I have a mac G4 Powerbook with 10.2.3 installed on it.
I downloaded the 10.2.8 update- but when ever I try to install it it wont let me. It says mearly that I cant do it.

Do I need a 'powerbook' friend version of the OS system?
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Jeremy Jive

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Skip it and go straight to Panther. The new 10.3 version also helps Powerbooks and iBooks run the OS X system faster.

jeremy -get it on limewire- jive


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I'll get panther eventually.
Im a bit skeptical about getting something like that off Limewire- not worth the risks!

Im downloading the combo update- biggie sized with extra sweet and sour sauce.

Ill let you know how it goes!

Halo here I come :D

TaCk OnE?

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we just got panther here at the studio..it's pretty sweet...I think I'm actually going to buy it for home...it's really cheap to purchase 150 I believe...

got Adobe Cs premium as well, hot damn that's a sexy package...and, on a related note quark6 is the biggest piece of shit ever.
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TaCk OnE?

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agreed, but you'd THINK that those morons would have FINALLY got some of the bugs out for fuck sakes.

I can't even believe they put this thing on the market to be honest with you, it's that brutal...and they don't even have printer driver support.

we were trying to get some updates and shit, and I was on their site, and I noticed the last real update/patch they put out was years ago...WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE DO ALL DAY?

the shit was over a grand per computer, and it's total crap...unbelievable.



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Its totally garbage..

Quark has ALWAYS sucked. Its always been pretty fucking buggy- and its always had shit support.
Worst program ever.