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Technical itch...the hardest??

terrawrist III

TRIBE Member
hands down, technical itch have to be the hardest,nastiest, most in your face producers since he hit the scene.

ever since "diagnostics", every single teack has been very dark and just oozing with a resonance of pure fucking evil!!

next to maybe ...Dylan,their tracks turn the bass into the track,manipulating very inch and turning every tune into a hard nightmare.

The "immortal" Ep is pure deadly and since then he hasent let up

definetly my prime choice for bringing hard noise to the table!

evil homer

TRIBE Member
loxy and ink gotta be up there too

though dylan loxy and ink did a tune on renegades of funk and need to know was also kinda funky.

penetration records, first time i saw those covers was just like WOAH
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stacked even.

dom+roland + tech itch have always been rough, but 187 was always on the level above.

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