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Techgnosis Records


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I went to launch party of this new Techno Toronto label. It was an interesting night to say in the least. It was hosted at Cabal [I cannot fathom why]. The stage was awesome, but the lighting sucked. Literally, at one point it was like a bright sun shining on the dancefloor. I'm surprised that no one passed out.

I still enjoyed the night, I got to hear one of my fav djs from MTL - Zentrix.

Check out their tracks:


Techgnosis Records is a net-label dedicated to promoting the deeper, more progressive and psychedelic aspects of techno music. Founded in 2015 by Ben Rama and Alexander Synaptic (aka DJ Basilisk), the label is now home to over 2 dozen artists from all corners of the globe. With a focus on collaboration and cooperation between label artists, the aim is to foster a sense of 'scene unity'.
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