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tech woes


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That link had potential, but i think i'm too old to "get" Tumblr.

Stupid programmers are more annoying than stupid users. Tech support is frustrating, but at least the people you're helping hit the power button have another job to do that they presumably they aren't completely useless at. Dealing with shitty code, on the other hand, those guys have no excuse for not knowing the fundamentals. Ten points if you can spot the error here:

split = currentTime();
while (running) {
 if (hasNextJob()) {
 } else {
 if (currentTime() - split > 60) {
  split = currentTime();

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Hahaha. Staff here are just getting Win7 this year, and I walk them through it all in person.

I'm all about easing the transition...and it helps a lot to give them your time and help them through any bumps they might find they have.

Frankly...this is why I like my job. I reap what I sow.