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*Tech Support..*


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*Tech Support..March 11!!*

I have been working weekends since October. Finally it looks like this contract I am doing is done the week before this party(if everything goes well). I haven't been out to a club in 4 long months! So I cannot wait to hit this up!

I have heard several mixes of Jamie Kidd's and have wanted to check him out.

Here's the link

Who all is coming out??

ps. Where is 693 Bloor..what venue is that? The Lab?


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i have been also itching to see jamie kidd for a while now... love his mixes... espescially electrobreaks 2 and his newest the bang-fang treatment... let's see if he can do the same in real life!

unfortunately this is the night matthew dear comes back to FW -- looks like some mid - night transportation is in order...

the place this gig is being held at is further west than the lab... on christie... its all decorated like a cabin and kinda draws a lot of boozers... however, i am told the last tech support event was pretty happening. So you never know.

Maybe i will get to meet the famous geminigirl there!!!



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didnt realize this was on the same night as Audion. Which I must say, puts Audion into the #1 position. If it wasnt for that, I'd be checking this out.

Clintons, get off at Christie subway station then its like, a 2 min walk away from there.

Its held in the back part of Clintons, the main part looks like a cabin, the back part where this is held does not - but still cozy.

I've enjoyed the last two tech supports that have been held there, and would be going to this one if it wasnt for audion.


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Originally posted by geminigirl
^Please introduce yourself!

^i will for sure! Tribers of the world unite!

but as kaniz said, i think audion/matt dear takes the number one spot for me as well... too many parties, too little time!
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well nice thing about tech support is the low cost and the nice environment for drinking.. if you guys wanted to get your drink on before headin to footwork lemme know cause I'll be at tech support instead of footwork on the 11th, feeling the vibe for that more for some reason..;)

hittin FW up on the 25th for Marc Romboy!! hope to see you punks there too!!


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Ive liked what ive heard....
so, going to check this gig out with all senses intact

MMMmmmmm mmmmmMM--- FUN TIMES!!!!
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As much as I've enjoyed the last two events - and wish I could come to this one, I just cant miss out on Audion.

But, I'll be there next month - hope this one goes well!
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