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Tech Support


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2nd time out to a Tech Support event, and again - I had a great time. Serious techno beat-down, despite a small crowd I still danced like a fool.

Would be nice to see a better turnout at these as the music is top-notch.

any chance the sets got recorded?

Either way, had a great time. I'll probably start becomming a regular at these :)
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Sinister Shadow

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The sets were recorded, we're still reviewing them and will hopefully post them on our website shortly. Some sets from last month were posted previously.


Glad you enjoyed the night. As always good to see people out and dancing. That's why we do it.


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He was really good, but sady I had to leave before the end of his set. Was really enjoying it and wish I could of stayed longer.
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Goodwin came in and shifted up things a notch... man it was INTENSE! And he had me in pure robot styles from the start... actually kind of tired me out, things just kept building and building and building... really awesome!

These things are great because it always feels like our own private little party. I think attendance may have been down from stuff happening this weekend and people saving up for next week, but there was enough people there having a blast for me to call the night a success..;)

Im sure on 03/11 (or 11/03 if you check the flyer, why cant we ALL just do dd/mm/yy????) things will be packed nicely like they were the first time... But like I said, was a nice little hoe-down and a solid next installment thanks to the talents of Mr. Goodwin...

(so nice in fact that when I got to studio 99, I lasted merely 40 mins or so before heading home, so dramatic was the switch from solid, bangin techno to the more headphone-oriented, cerebral and jazzy musical stylings of theo parrish - I couldnt deal with the juxtaposition and needed some dance fuel... I didnt get it there... and so I went home)


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Goodwin's Live 5 set had me bouncin' off the walls. All killer, no filler.

Caught part of Brandon's set as well. Sweet techy goodness.

Quality beats. Nice peeps.

Can't wait for the next installment.