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Originally posted by db

Next event is May 27. Same bat time, same bat channel...

you had to do it that night.

I leave for a 2000KM drive the next morning. don't think I'll be there B...

June I'll come twice.


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Originally posted by db
^^^ Actually, Time you couldn't be more mistaken (on one count anyways). Tom Robbs (of Ones & Twos fame) was one of the guest DJs and Scott was also in attendance although not playing. :)
great googly moogly! i stand corrected - i thought their dj'ing days were well over. damn and double damn. was he advertised on the flyer? if so, it went straight over my head!
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what can i say? i'm a fucking geek! LOL

man, that pics makes me look completely fucked up. 3 beers and a spliff between 5 people and i look like i'm on a serious bender. must have been The Real Jazz!