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Tech Question Re: Win2K & Networking


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Maybe one of you tech geniuses out in Tribeland knows the answer to this...

PC1 - Win XP (wired)
PC2 - Win2K Pro (wireless)
PC3 - Win2K Pro (wired) file/prinet server

When PC's 1&2 access PC3 via my network places they are prompted for the PC3 user name (no pwd req'd). Is there a way to prevent this so they go directly to the PC? Also, I can't print from PC's 1&2 until I go through my network places and enter the user name on PC3.
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Dr. Grinch

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Create an account on all of the machines with the same user name and password. Make this account an administrative account. Login to the machines using only this account. You'll never be bothered for a password.
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