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Tech House - DJ Assid - Fresh Beatz Season 1 Episode 4


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# Track Name Artist Time
0 Underverse Terranova, Mandel Turner 00:00:00
1 Do Me Right (Original Mix) Stanny Abram, RAMA7 00:01:28
2 Feel Good (DJ Dan Re-Rub) Tom Forester 00:06:02
3 Bangin' on Ya (Phunk Investigation Remix) DJ Dan 00:10:23
4 Rekidz Revolvin (Original Mix) John Acquaviva, Simon Doty 00:15:43
5 Wanted (Original Mix) Stanny Abram 00:20:34
6 Don't You Feel (Original Mix) Stanny Abram, Hansol 00:25:25
7 Can You Dance (Original Mix) Jay Lumen 00:29:26
8 Daledalehey (Original Mix) Rafa Barrios 00:34:17
9 Kai Tak (Original Mix) Koen Groeneveld 00:39:06
10 Fear (Original Mix) Phunk Investigation 00:42:23
11 DaHustle (Original Mix) Matador (IE) 00:45:33
12 Rumors (Original Mix) Pep & Rash 00:50:21
13 Woman Of The Ghetto (Original Mix) Stefano Noferini, Marlena Shaw 00:52:40
14 Giana (Original Mix) Dan Caster, Rene Bourgeois 00:56:27
Stop Bill C-10