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Tech House - DJ Assid - Fresh Beatz Season 1 Episode 3


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Back to SoundCloud for this one :) Stay tuned to Mixify.com the last Friday or Saturday of the month for new episodes!


# Track Name Artist Time
1 Recluse (Hot Since 82 Remix) Argy, Mama, Argy & Mama 00:00:26
2 Keep On (Original Mix) WhiteNoize 00:04:38
3 Funky Mood (Original Mix) Charles Feelgood, DJ Dan 00:08:29
4 Homeless feat. Jared Hiwat (Original Mix) Bougenvilla, Jared Hiwat 00:12:49
5 Enimsaj (Saleem Razvi Remix) Stanny Abram 00:15:36
6 Disco Maquina (Original Mix) Stanny Abram 00:18:55
7 Ride (Original Mix) Jerome Robins, Vlada Asanin 00:23:44
8 The Drummer (Original Mix) Jay Lumen 00:27:36
9 SKANK (Extended Mix) Lucky Charmes 00:32:10
10 Part of the Game (DJ Dan Remix) Bryan Jones 00:35:40
11 Everybody Seems To Be Having Fun (Original Mix) UMEK, Shark 00:39:58
12 Goodbye (feat. Lyse) (Stefan Dabruck Remix) Feder, Lyse 00:43:50
13 Need House (Original Mix) DJ PP 00:47:52
14 Once And For All (Original Mix) Rene Amesz, Camilo Franco 00:51:01
15 Lavender (Original Mix) Stanny Abram 00:53:18
16 Let It Be (Di Chiara Brother's Remix) Sascha Sonido 00:58:08
17 Take Control feat. Come And Hell (Weval Mix) Gui Boratto, Come and Hell 01:02:56
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I've said once, and I'll say it again. You capture what Toronto needs right now.

Well done!