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Tech House - DJ Assid - Fresh Beatz Season 1 Episode 2 - Now on SoundCloud!


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1 How We Do It (Original Mix) Phunk Investigation, Leo Lippolis 00:05:03
2 Thank You And Fuck You (Original Mix) Phunk Investigation, Federico Scavo 00:09:06
3 A Little Dance (Original Mix) Prok & Fitch 00:12:09
4 Let Us Go (Original Club Mix) Phunk Investigation, Federico Scavo 00:15:26
5 Vroom (David Penn Remix) Phunk Investigation, Hitchcock 00:20:31
6 Do Watcha Do! (Original Mix) Stanny Abram, Paolo Barbato 00:25:36
7 Big Bright Lights (Original Mix) WhiteNoize 00:28:40
8 Che ! (Original Mix) Stanny Abram, RanchaTek 00:31:12
9 All I Want (Dosem Remix) UMEK, Mike Vale 00:33:45
10 Where Da Plastic At (Original Mix) Saleem Razvi, Stanny Abram 00:37:56
11 Freak (Original Mix) Cole Jonson, Dolly Rockers 00:40:58
12 Dejected (Sidney Charles Remix) Astin 00:44:15
13 Pride (Original Mix) Luca Cassani 00:47:26
14 Cannes (Original Mix) Aevion 00:51:20
15 Doppelgangbanger (Original Mix) Mord Fustang 00:54:21
Stop Bill C-10