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Team Insomniac


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I have to work in 5 hours, and have an exam in the afternoon, looks like an all-nighter for me.
sucks because I have another exam on Tuesday:(


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I've been a member of this team for 30 years. When do I get a gold-plated Valium? :p

Brainstorming an image map rollover for a site I'm working on, stumbling on stumbleupon, typing here, listening to the dead kennedys, eating french cocoa cupcakes, considering a wee nip of Balvenie.

Agree though, I'm feeling great. Hale and hearty.


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I don't have a deadline, or any reason to be awake... am just like a 2 year old = eyes closing of their own accord, but i'm fighting it! Eating frosting now to stay awaaake. Why? Who knows.


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<--- lifelong member of the club

(recently got a script for provigil, and that's helped me deal with life on regular peoples time)


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gettin crunked off a bottle of ciroc with my cousins from the uk, currently im winning the last man standing match, however the sun is coming up, an i must go to berd gnite tribe


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insomnia strikes yet again!

goddamn. i gots the little blue pills, but i hate taking them two nights in a row. worst thing about insomnia is knowing how shit you will probably feel the next day.
my face hurts.


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Nikki! We're hardly at insomnia stage :p

Now last night (as per usual I can never sleep much before the first day), I think I pretty much passed out around 4:45 (I was staring at the ceiling and finally went out for a cigarette at 4:15. Unfortunately, I had to get up at 6:30 to get ready for the day. Now that was fun.. Hit me like a truck at lunch hour, and during the afternoon. I had a nap when I got home and on second thought, that may not have been the smartest thing to do. ;)


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hey girl!
awww glad to hear you made it through the first day alright (well, dead tired but alright otherwise). ha yeah, i'm usually in bed by 10:30 every night so this is insomnia for me. waking up at 6:30 sucks, i do it most days...except today, where i had to wake up at 6:00 to catch my bus on time.

i have no cigs to smoke, so back to watching old south park it is.
ah chinpokoman.