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Teacher suspended for 2 days for floor hockey fight!


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this is unbelievable.

HALIFAX - Two days for roughing – that's the penalty handed out on Wednesday to a Nova Scotia high school teacher who slammed a student into a wall during a noon-hour floor hockey game.

The South Shore District School Board suspended Eric Dolliver for two days without pay for the Jan. 30 incident. Dolliver will also attend an anger management program.

Dolliver is the athletic director of Park View Education Centre in Bridgewater, N.S.

(RealVideo) (Quicktime) Amateur video of high school floor hockey game (Runs 18 seconds)

He was playing floor hockey with students in the school gym when he shoved Grade 12 student Daniel Moore against the gym wall and pushed a hockey stick against his throat.

Another student and other teachers stepped in to stop Dolliver and Moore wasn't seriously hurt. Moore later told reporters he had accepted Dolliver's apology.

FROM FEB. 5, 2003: Video shows teacher slamming student in floor hockey game

A student captured the incident on video, which was later posted on the internet.

School officials said at the time that Dolliver had a spotless record in 20 years of teaching.
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