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teach/help me to make that stock money


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its only 500 bucks, bank it on a stock that looks promising thats under a dollar a share

it moves up a bit, sell some and move on to another

you have built a portfolio, and when you start bringing in higher returns, then turn around and bank it on mutual funds

they are slow growth, but thats no fun, go have some fun, its not like your draining our entire savings

like someone said before, consider it a loan for education, with a better chance of payoff
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Aleks said:
invest in my corporation Jebac. i promise we're gonna blow up!

this company is on the fast track to the a-list! blast back kudos all around!


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well put judge wopner

paul van eeden is on rob-tv at 12:30 for market-call

small-cap, resource analyst, highly speculative

and do your own homework,alot of the "experts" get paid or have shares in whatever company they are "pumpin"



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Don't forget you're also going have to pay $20+ on the buy and sell side of this. Ususally not a big deal but when you're dealing with $500 it is. Basically if the stock gained 10% you'd just be breaking even and even losing money given inflation and lost opportunity costs.
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