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TBK meet westcoast style

Discussion in 'Vancouver' started by ninja, Sep 14, 2001.

  1. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hey I know this is early but I 'm just letting the crew know there will be a TBK meet up at spooky 6 in vancouver. big ups to all the west coast tribe board crew that show up I know it will not be to what the TO kru is representing these days but we gotta represent.
    further info will be forthcoming
    all ?'s to
  2. Metal Morphosis

    Metal Morphosis TRIBE Member

    Mike - you can add me to your info list

    i'd be interested in doing meet ups etc.

  3. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    Hey Ninja,

    Drop me a line too. I'm interested as well.


  4. MisterJacques

    MisterJacques TRIBE Member

    when's the GT?

    I'm heading to RaveVictoria's Freaks of Rhythm Sat night.

    E-mail me. Let's hook up.

    Respect everywhere.
  5. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hey its so good to see this responce already I'm also making it out to freaks of rhythm so if anyone else is come find me I'll probably have a pale green FDCO bag w/ and and I'll be garbs in snug stuff. adn a bandana so just email me if anyone wats to meet up at that party as well.
    - Mike wants a tribe shirt!-
    but I need a visa card damn it.!
    just keeping everyone informed
  6. suburban sound system

    suburban sound system TRIBE Member

    once again im kickin it in whistler for the winter....so if your in town please say hello....
  7. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hey I'll be up in whistler sometime after the hills open so I'll definatly make sure to get in contact before then
    big ups'
    by any chance do you know a guy named dj spy-d aka derrik, he just moved to whistler or so my roomate says ( ex g/f) of his) I think.
    anyhow I'll keep in touch and keep everyone informed about the spooky 6 TBK meet
    also I just read MADAM ZU is spinning at a party on Nov 3rd the otehr headliner is illfingaz which is also amazing so I'll be hittin that for sure.
  8. suburban sound system

    suburban sound system TRIBE Member

    10958357 - icq
    suburban_sound@hotmail.com - msn

    drop me a line and say whats up
  9. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    done and done.

    ok heres the deal for spooky 6 as of now.
    I know its at the PNE ( hmm I;m just preparing myself for a better living center style of party.... ) I'm thinking if everyone wants to meet at midnight at a vendors booth it would work best. I 'm not sure what vendors there will be there but I'll figure it out and then get back to everyone.
  10. suburban sound system

    suburban sound system TRIBE Member

    anyone interested in a little gathering in whistler this winter? come up do some shreding and some partying?

    drop me an email suburban_sound@hotmail.com
  11. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    definatly. ride durring the day. party @ night. its all good.
    I'm thinking an opening weekend thing??
    cleebrate being able to ride again and then chill after w/ some decent ppl and tunes its all good.
  12. djtrancelate

    djtrancelate TRIBE Member

    The Party is called Hard Attack 2, I am throwing it. It is now on December 8th 2001,, and yes our headliners are

    Madame Zu (uk)
    Datcyde (nyc)
    Trance Proffessors
    Sunny D
    Greg Leah
    + lots more

    It will be 2 rooms

    fliers will be out by Spooky 6 !!!!

    infoline 604.444.8037
    website www.staticgroove.com

    Also I am throwing Imperial 3 on Friday October 19th 2001,, it will be a sweet underground party

    info 604.444.8044
    same website


  13. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    thanks for the info djtrancelate its all good.
    To everyone / anyone who's doing the TBK meet at spooky I'm going to talk to the promoter tomorrow ( monday) then I'll let everyone know of a meeting time/place.
  14. pb4ugo2bed

    pb4ugo2bed TRIBE Member

    Boourns to Over price van city parties!
  15. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hey , I know its wed and stuff and theres no info for anyone coming out but I will have it up soon I 'm trying to get a hold of the promoter as I type.
  16. Mortyman

    Mortyman TRIBE Member

    Mike, where and when is this party. I just moved out west here less than a week ago and I'm dying to hit a party!!! The only problem is that I've got the same problem as Suburban Sound System... I'm pretty far out... on Big White Mountain resort... a good 4 hour drive to Vancouver. I do want to come out there for a party so let me know more about it so can save up some money to get out there. I'd love to meet up with some fellow Tribe members, there's no partiers here in Kelowna [​IMG] E-mail me @
  17. jungalicious

    jungalicious TRIBE Member

    I'm not from Van but I thought this was the best place to ask. My brother and I are going to be in Vancouver next saturday (27th) for about 5 days (the Calgary) and I was just wondering if there was anything else going on besides Spooky 6? $35 - $65 for a one night party is a little too rich for my blood!!
    Any info would be greatly appreciated [​IMG]

    ~full of bod mod goodness~
  18. jungalicious

    jungalicious TRIBE Member

    d'oh...that should say then Calgary
  19. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    hello I'm going w/ a crew of ppl so your welcom to meet up w/ us if you'd like
    just give me a reply on here or email me
  20. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    ok for anyone whos going and wants to meet up there is a consession just inside the main enterance.
    I'm sugesstion 1am at that consession. I will have some article of snug clothing on most likly. and have a pale green FDCO bag.
    Till then.
  21. Mortyman

    Mortyman TRIBE Member

    Well, I heard the there a party called
    "The X Factor", it looks pretty good too. For more info check out loungex.com
  22. ninja

    ninja TRIBE Member

    2 days. till spooky.
    grr wish I could see aphrodite tonight. but got to see freaky flow last friday (whoop di doo) so its all good.
  23. Metal Morphosis

    Metal Morphosis TRIBE Member


    just wanted to bring this back up re: the Madam Zu party.

    any more info???
  24. Etkulte

    Etkulte TRIBE Member

    ^^^ Madam Zu who's got the info?

    Also anyone hitting up Sonar next Tues,
    I think Pete Tong's in town.
  25. Metal Morphosis

    Metal Morphosis TRIBE Member

    JENIUS, i've emailed the promoter re: madam zu with no reply as of yet.

    Pete Tong is WAY too expensive for what he is (i.e. a wannabe DJ who spins top 40)

    anything good going on next weekend?

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