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TBK Cottage 2002


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Well I got home about 11:30am today. And had to sleep a bit, it was very nice to sleep in my own bed after 2 nights of craziness :D

Me, Norm & Voytek arrived early on Friday and unpacked and headed for boarding. Boarding was a bit wet, but overall great.

Got back to the Cottage about 10pm and started to meet and great most of the people and eat some food.
BBQ'n in my shorts & T-shirt... but the burgers were great :D

Lots of friendly faces all night, and the beats did not stop all weekend :D Tons of vinyl, soooo many DJs :)

Highlights of the Friday evening was Darek asking if we wanted Shots and never seeing him again :D
And of course the B-day surprise for Lori, hope you had a good birthday girl.

Tried to sleep a bit after drinking all night ... finally got to bed @ 5am and "slept" for about 5-6 hours.

Got up about 11am on Saturday and ate lots of food... breakfast was good. Thanks Laura for your wonderful hospitality. Played some cards and some dominos... and watched some Snowboarding videos to get us stoked before going out.

Saturday night went out boarding again @ 5pm. Was back by 8:30pm... legs couldn't take it after 9 or so hours of boarding so I called it quits :D

It was great riding with Norm, Voytek, Vinder, Karen and all the others who I can't think of their names right now...

Spent a while behind the decks spinning back to back with Ritika & Will ... nice tech and house...

Then headed downstairs to chill out with some people and enjoy some Ali G video before crashing for a good 5-6 hours.

I got up early and got my ass outta there, had to go home to have a hot shower and some good food :)

Thanks Laura & Tommy for the organization of this event, hopefully everything went fine in the end.

Nice meeting a bunch of new Tribe people... it was a good weekend in all, but it was a little harsh on my body for a boarder and being basically sober all weekend :D


Pics to come later, not too many taken though.


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10:33 pm: *thump thump thump...*
1:49 am: *oomp tee oomptee oomp...*
9:17 am: *thump thump thump...* and so forth and so on... OVER 2 DAYS of non-stop music!!!

A big thank you to everyone who spun because there were some killer tracks dropped.
I particularly liked the Dukes (the morning beats were SO AWESOME) and DJ CODE (Steve) for reading my mind. MUCH respect for spreading the jungle flavour.

Anyway, 20 + beers, a million tokes, a bottle of red wine, a jug of vodka and cranberry, shots and 14 million bummed smokes later, I am home healing from my war wounds.

The sauna was a lot of fun because I've never tried one before and it was fun being able to relax, sweat and chat at the same time. But I'll have to say that I GREATLY oppose the posting of any pics of my skinny little body especially the one where I was outside in my underwear.

This cottage trip proved to me how amazing you guys are as individuals. I am so glad that I got to meet some new faces and I was very fortunate to spend the weekend with a bunch of loud-mouthed, music-loving, bacon eating freakazoids. All of you are so great to me and I appreciate everyone for just letting me be myself.

Thanks to EVERYONE for the smokes (I had less than $3 on me the whole weekend).

And of course much love to Laura and Tommysmalls for being the commanders-in-chief. Can't wait to do it again next year! :D And next year, instead of staring blankly at a pissed-off next-door neighbour who hadn't slept for 48 hours and thought it was "time to turn it down", I'll throw bacon at her.

I wanna see some of these pics soon. Plenty of blackmail ones I'm sure.



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what a weekend!
I can honestly say that I trully did enjoy myself! I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I left sunday with a smile on my face and the thought of good times with wicked people.
I got to see some familiar faces and I got the chance to meet some wonderful people as well ;)
I planned on actually going to Blue Mountain and venture on the bunny hill, however the lack of sleep, the mental confusion that I was at times and the over-all craaayziness of the weekend didn't allow me to.
Nonetheless, I had an excellent time due to the great/hilarious people around me that I got to spend time with over the course of this adventure.
Thank you Laura and Tommy for organizing this and for being a great host and hostess - you guys put a lot of time and effort into this and it is greatly appreciated :D

I'm going to bed now.



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I survived!

9 hours of boarding in total, conditions from fair to awesome - done and highly satysfying - never flied so much in one session before...

my own bunkbed near a heatvent, a cd player with headphones and a repartoir of tunes that take me to a happy place and seduce the sandman to give me a chance - secured and utilized.

grilled sirloin steaks and chicken breasts with fettucinni alfredo - ooooh, yes - consumed or rather brutally devoured...

my first BEER since mid-October - drank to a series of orgazmic spasms in my groin... and a tear...

sauna with gin over hot rocks, a spliff and some real pyro action - a literal highlight...

ali g howl-a-ton- till everyone passed out like little kids - accomplished

getting to know my "team" Kenny and Norm better (that BT session using Shiva Skunk trichomes was a definite "goodnight" for me bro!), and hanging with Jo (thank you for the surprise baby) and Pete, Duncan and Karen, and Vinder and Steves and Jay and Tommy and Laura, and even Melopants for a really short while - all unexpected yet very much appreciated in its fulfillment - shouts and thanks guys!:D

overmedicating myself beyond the understadnding of my surroundings but enjoying every orgasmic second of it (minus a tiny interruption from someone who was stuck in that other world;) ) - a yes! experience and a big NO WAY to ever going back there again... That session was meant to provide closure to a few of my untied ends and that it did. I came out a thousand pounds lighter from this weekend.

Rating: I never expected this to be as good as it was. I give it a solid 9/10 and would like to thank everyone that atteneded for being good...;) Kenny, thanks for the ride dude, Laura and Tommy thanks for everything else... *muah*

ps. can i spin something next time?


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I found love this weekend.
I really did: Snowboarding = YASSS!! Everything else = mmmmaaaaybe later

Amazing times chilling with all the people!! luv u all!! :)

Wikkid performances especially by the jungle guy who was spinning b2b with dj code... @m and kf killed it sunday morning as well!!

kf and tanya - pleasure hanging out wif u guys!!
icq me 37224333 asap!!

Some notable quotes from the weekend:

Alchemy (I think it was him) *poking my sleeping ass* - "Heeey wake up"
me - "eh?"
Alchemy - "oooooh sorry man.. I thought u were Ritika"
me - " :eek: you thought i was WHO!!!?!?!?!? :eek: "
MoFo to mboy - "When i saw your cock, everything changed" :D
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The only thing that sucked about the whole cottage thing is the fact that i forgot to check my voice messages.
Imagine how disappointed i was to find out on sunday morning that i had finally received g-list for bittersweet...i could have left on sat eve to catch it.


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dear god. It was everything that I expected it to be and then some.

Friday night: Rich and myself ate like Kings all weekend, starting with chicken fajitas(sp?) I lasted till about 2am (how appropriate) In preparation for Lori's 'birthday dance' I got waaaaaay to hammerd and don't remember a damn thing past the cutting of the cake. As I understand I was watching revenge of the fajitas! several times throughout the night. Thank you Laura for putting me to bed.

Saturday afternoon: Well I got plenty of rest (about 10+ hrs sleep) unfortunetly my stomach was still angry with me so I went back to sleep till 3pm. Woke up, soup & salad for lunch, spun 3-deck techno set for a few hours -damn that was fun! Dinner rolls around, whats on the menu? Steak sandwhiches! Saturday night was a lazy night for the most part. Everyone was chillin out in different rooms. Then comes the time for the much anticipated trance set! I got about 5 records into it b4 I gave up... couldn't spinn, to fuzzy. Three DJ's attempted to mix afterwards and all fell victim to over-induldgance. I got to try out the sauna this night... there was a fine display of ... bathingsuits ...

woke up sunday morning feeling rested and ready to go home. I probably got the most sleep of the bunch, aside from air-bag who only woke for trips to the washroom and snowboarding! :p

I had a blast guys. :D

Subsonic Chronic

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Good, GOOD times once again. :)

First of all, a great big THANK YOU to Laura for once again putting this all together and making the weekend possible. Without your tireless effort, I don't think anyone else would step up to set it all up like you did.

I was only there on Friday night... so I guess I missed out on whatever naked sauna shenanigans went down on Saturday, but I still had an awesome time. Managed to stay up until around 11 on Saturday, then the crackiness succeded in finally weakening my body into a forced sleep of a few short hours.

JayRev, and Shannon, many thanks for the rides up and back respectively. Allison and Timo, I always love hanging with you two, and this weekend was no exception. :)

Some highlights include rocking out to Guns & Roses in the basement at 3am (Mel was that your music?), the short-lived 2002 grill-cheese feast, spinning psy-trance for about 45 minutes until enough was enough, KF's electro set in the morning on Saturday, and all the tomfoolery in between. And although I can't speak for anything that happened after Saturday afternoon, Huzzah! to a drama-free weekend! And to think I was this close to going up without my better half... :D



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I didn't expect to be going at all, but am I ever glad I did.

I got to spend a week-end with my best friend, my boyfriend and a group of the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

A HUGE thanks To Laura and Tommy for all the work they did this week-end to make it so special.

To my LO! For just being the sweetest thing, and to Evan for the ride and making her smile!

The highlights of the week-end for me were just seeing everyone arrive and hearing 'But I didn't think you were coming!!!' every time and then receiving the world's most massive hugs.

Having the opportunity to hang out with Timo and Alison and get to know them oh so much better, because they truly are the most wonderful people.

Watching the cutest of the cute Joey dance away the morning until 9:00 a.m.

Lamb - Gorecki courtesy of the one and only Wojtek, in lieu of Lori's birthday surprise.

Seeing Alex (airbag) sleep and look like an angel... in fact seeing EVERYONE sleep and look all innocent and sweet.

AND my trip to the best truck ever with Melanie :D

haha, I could go on forever, it truly was an amazing week-end.

thanks everyone!!!!

~ Johane
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Originally posted by air-bag

Alchemy (I think it was him) *poking my sleeping ass* - "Heeey wake up"
me - "eh?"
Alchemy - "oooooh sorry man.. I thought u were Ritika"
me - " :eek: you thought i was WHO!!!?!?!?!? :eek: "
MoFo to mboy - "When i saw your cock, everything changed" :D

Sorry dude, that was me....lol

This weekend was definitely something I will never forget! It had a suitable enough storyline to be a pretty funny movie. There were a few twists, there was a villain, and of course, there was a girl..;)

Keith and I awoke on Friday morning to decide on forgetting about snowboarding early and to spend that time more productively. We spent the next 6 hours watching episodes of Jackass, and eating some really tasty omelettes. Around 2, we loaded up the car. We stopped to get smokes, beer, wine and rye, and then headed for the highway.....

We got about half way up there, making fantastic time, when my 9 year-old Mazda MX6 started to sputter....[scottee]Captain, Captain, weeee do not havve thee powwerrrr[/scottee]..

Could this really be HAPPENING?? Did I just spend the last 6 weeks of 10-12 hour days of RRSP season hell, counting every second down as it passed before this weekend, for this to end now? This can't be happening. Not now....not when my very sanity depends on it, not when one of my just as eager good friends is stuck in the passenger seat beside me. I'm going 40 km/hour on the 400. I think its now pretty safe to say this is happening. FUCK.


Fortunately, I was able to get us to the side of the road without becoming street pizza. She(the car not keith) still ran, but sounded like a lawnmower running over a hockey skate(the car not keith) and gave us a bumpy ride(again, the car, not keith). We pulled into a truckstop in Bradford, where some really hospitable people called the town tow truck to get us to a service station. This is when I called Laura, and pleaded with her to find us a ride. The tow truck driver's name was Gerard, a fine upstanding, blue eyed and rosey-cheeked newfie, with long stories of investment property(once he found out i was a banker) and highway expansion projects. The mechanic in Bradford told us that there was nothing he could do for her...."Tow her back to Scarborough and be prepared to pay 3 to 4 thousand to get her back on the road" was the gist of what he said. Gerard took us home, and was kind enough to knock 40 bucks off from the tow. Laura called on our way back, and thank sweet jesus, we had a ride, we just needed to get out to Yonge and Sheppard from east Scarlem. Called my sister and got the number to the mechanic. Called Pops to get a ride to North York. Everything ran pretty smoothly. I was meant to go on this trip. Fate, don't fail me now.

Back in Scarborough:

The mechanic has the same opinion as the mechanic in Bradford in all matters concerning the car except the price. Its only going to cost $2000. Yippee.

We load the liquor in the back of my Dad's pickup, squeeze into the cab, and get out to North York by 7pm.

North York:

Rob(Echooteje), dude, you OWN. If not for the ride, I would have surely wept like a schoolgirl with a skinned knee. Thanks again.

The journey was graced by three key elements that should be present in every roadtrip. Jungle, Geography, and Keith being a Jackass.. ;)

The Cottage:

The story's villain has been defeated, and we've arrived in Oz. We're(keith and I) virtually unscathed, with only one very expensive casualty. Who's the villain you ask? I'll give you a little hint....it begins with an M, and ends with an urphy. Man, did he ever give us a kick in the ass. Every villain needs a hero right? Well this one is easy. Great friends and great family are the heros of this little fairytale. I can't thank you all enough. Rob, I hope that six of Becks helps a little as a downpayment....;).

I had an incredible time. Great music all weekend long, limitless laughs from Laura and Tommy, Timo and Alison, Duncan and Karen, Keith, Stace, Ethan and the boyz, the dukes and the rest of the crew. Great steaks on Saturday, thanks to those who complimented the cooking. Last but not least, Mel baby, thanks for the quality time, you're the best.

So in the end, the villain was defeated, there was a celebration, and i got the girl. I can't fathom how it could have turned out any better than that.

Special Thanks to Laura and Tommy for putting all this together and for holding up so well this weekend despite the little obstacles that laid in your path. You endured with great tact, and true class.

PS-happy birthday Lori!!;)
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Adam Duke

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my body is in tatters.
my mind is, and will probably continue to be, fuzzy for at least a week.

MASSIVE THANKS to Tommy & Laura for getting this together - the memories would not have been forged if it weren't for you two!

Friday night - WAAAAAAY too many gin & tonics.....as evident in my attempt at spinning and my incredible hangover (that lasted for 10 hours during the day and made me consume 3 Advil over this period). Other dj sets were a blur also, unfortunately...(missed Subsonic Chronic and AT AT at least that I know of).

Saturday night/Sunday - ate at East Side Marios, caused a ruckus launching food items back and forth over the divide between our two tables. Sauna....see other thread for juicy details. Lots of great tunage (jungle! no mc's!) and cool conversation! Was able to play a Dukes set, then later in the morning as the sun was rising, play a melodic techno set (which I rarely get to do).
Amazing tidbits of steak cooked by LivingRoomPornstar, offered to me by Keith(thanks man! delish!). Great to talk with you too, Dan. Cheer Bear rocked out in her Ozzy shirt - kick ass, girl!
Busted out some old school tunes on the CD player in the morning, along with numerous tequila shots, gin/tonics & amaretto sours. Way too much smoking. So many flashing nipples.

No sleep 'till Brooklyn!..got back in time for the Simpsons..CRAP!

....can't wait for next year...a summer cottage trip should definitely happen also....

poker face

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What a weekend of damage!

Kick ass time and almost shocking getting to meet so many people from the board fot the first time.

People did not let up on the partying which kicked ass to know that people out there still know how to go off!

Pete next time I will be more careful when deciding to drink other peoples water.

Thanks to everyone that helped me stand up on sunday morning.

Wicked tunes all weekend props to all the dj's, too bad I couldent keep myself together on saturday night to lay down some beats.

@m I don't think I have ever seen a cowboy sleep so much!

Werd to the 9:00 am Snowboarding and ski team. I am surprised we didnt kill anyone on the hill due to the state we were in.

Futronic if we ever go out for breakfast again I will make sure I can eat something next time.

I have some pics I will post later in this thread when I get time!

oh yeah does anyone know if ethan survived the ride home, lol!

So many more stories that I can't even begin to tell!


Thanks Laura & Tommy for organizing everything.
Thanks to Rob for the last minute ride.

Some Lady -No one has slept in 48 hours, could you turn the music down?
Mofo - Uh...yeah...sure.....
*slams door*
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A few things that make life so good.

to cottages & leaving the city
to ear plugs, bunk beds and big comfy couches
to old friends, new friends, good friends and special friends
to intimate moments & emotional moments;
to funny moments and moments I surely don't even remember
to the rain, for giving me an excuse to hide inside all weekend

To Tommy & Laura.

To scary stories, with happy endings;
With gentle heroes, and fair maidens
To breathing a sigh of relief, tow trucks,
being a trooper and getting yourself up to me. ;)

To good ol' skool jungle, weed, road trips,
big red pick-up trucks and adventure.

It was so good to meet and spend time with so many of you.
I won't get down with the mushy speech again, but y'all get the point.


Cheer Bear

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Me and Keith are eloping in a drive-thru Las Vegas chapel with an ordained Elvis minister. The big ceremony will come later, and you're all invited.

Umm....this is what I vaguely remember:


- "Did I just say that outloud?"


- "My watch says 10:30...but it was 10:30 a half an hour ago."

- The Trance room ;)

- The trance room turning into the chill out room ;)

- the cuddle puddle

- The Chill Out room re-locating upstairs

- detours....MAJOR detours...(HEY! it only took me an hour to return ;)

- Josh's "grin"

- licking...lots of licking

- b00bs

- nakedness

- wedgies

- nipple pinching (grrrr - be careful)

- ASS GRABBING heh heh heh.

- sauna ( I missed out on some nakedness....grrr)

- no trance was played, well it was, but i was asleep. this is not acceptable. :D

- my pajamas & "white trash" gear. HAHAHA...

- "They will leave, but they will always come back. And we will always remain. We must defend our honour!" HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHH....my top bunk was the place to be.

- Everytime I ventured upstairs to where the music was I heard "HEYYY...You're awake!" or "HEYYY...Did you sleep well?"
I wasn't asleep. My room was just better. :p

I had too much fun this weekend. Oh man. BIG thanks to Natalie, Josh, Joey, Keith (my hubby), Futronic, Gavin....actually, anyone who kept me company when I needed it. ;)

The Chillin posse: Keith, Joey, Natalie, Allison, Timo and Josh

The trance room was rockin'...Until it was taken away. :(

Guns N' Roses & Old Elton John in the basement, belting it out with Jo, who indeed sounds much better than I. hehehe

I have a huge missing gap: What occured Friday night, in Gavin & Tom's room. I remember lot's of people in there. And I remember hardtekfunk falling off the top bunk, but that's about it.


I met some awesome new peeps, and reminised with the old ones. goooood times.

wikkid, wikkid weekend. Thanks so much to Laura & Tommy

Hopefully there will be a summer cottage adventure, and the "top bunk/trance/chill/cuddle" room will live on.

Dan - we can always count on each other. hahahaha

This is where I say: I'd write more, but I can't remember. :p

See you all @ Wintergalactic.



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I don't know how I managed to forget to mention the music....

Props to Derek et al, for such a fantastic and elaborate set-up. I don't think I've ever witnessed anything like it. The music played for 48 fabulous hours. So many records. So much good music. I was impressed with everything I heard. Except for the happy hardcrap. :p

While I'm pretty sure the other cottages around us were pumping the CDs on their stereo, we had a real party kickin'.



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Re: Muahahahahahahahaa.

Originally posted by Cheer Bear

Dan - we can always count on each other. hahahaha

xoxo. [/B]

yih yih Stace.

The girl who can always make me laugh....from all the way back to the olskool.

PS-Did someone say this was a sausage party?


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wicked weekend

the only thing I had a problem with was the music playing all night and all day. I really would have appreciated a couple hours of no music. Nontheless, it was wicked tunes all weekend. I can remember numerous times getting up from the pounding bass thinking..this is a wicked track, but not having the energy to get up.

Unfortunately I partied too hard Friday night and came down with a case of perma-sketch for the rest of the weekend. My apologies if I acted like a jerk towards anyone, some people called me Mr_Grumpy :p

.....and to Laura, thanks for organizing everything, and thank you for the abundance of sausages. J/K

Laura: "So guys, did you meet any girls?"

Me: "what girls? this is a sausage party"
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Originally posted by LivingRoomPornstar
The journey was graced by three key elements that should be present in every roadtrip. Jungle, Geography, and Keith being a Jackass.. ;)

SCORE!!! Next road trip destination: Mianas!!

poker face

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Originally posted by Mr_Furious

.....and to Laura, thanks for organizing everything, and thank you for the abundance of sausages. J/K

Laura: "So guys, did you meet any girls?"

Me: "what girls? this is a sausage party"

lol, so true!!!!

and don't worry dude we tried to get you out of the sketch but it happens to the best of us sometimes!

poker face

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here are some pics!

Dancing crew on friday!

The Dukes

KF lighting the decks on fire!

The Subsonic Cronic!
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more pics! more pics! why the hell did those take so long to laod!?! looks like no pic threads for me anytime soon...
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