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TBGeek help please.


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Prestty simple, I'm nitpicking a bit but, In Win 2k,
how do you change the drive letter of a non boot ide device.

I have my boot drive as C:
DVD-rom as D:
My scsi plexwriter as E:
and my second Hard Drive as F:

I want to change my second drive to be D: instead of F:

It's not the same as the way 98 used to allow it.

I've looked through the administrative tools and I couldnt figure it out.

So now I ask the TBGeek massive for assistance.



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You have to be logged in as Administrator...

Control Panel----> Administrative Tools----> Computer management-----> right click and change
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START>SETTINGS>TASKBAR & START MENU>ADVANCED> under start menu settings, make sure DISPLAY ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS is cheked, APPLY>OK. It should be in your program files after that point.