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Taxicab Confessionzzzzz....

The Kid

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On DOC channel right now... hot little brooklyn hoodrat talkin 'bout working at a sex club, lickin' snizatch fo' cizzash....

... booyah!

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On the so-called reality show circuit, 'twas Taxicab Confessions, and Blair Witch that primed and triggered the current cascade of derivative diarrhea. You could say that Taxicab Confessions was the fibre and Blair Witch was the high colonic that loosened the stool, and out it came, and hopefully soon there'll be nothing more than a skidmark in the underwear of television.
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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
anyone see the one where the couple fucked on camera?

yeah, that was a good one, it's hard to believe that there's actually people like that who are pure exhibitionists.

Last week there on a best of show there was a special forces cop who was talking about all of the really fucked up things he's seens working over the last ten years. wow.

Such a good show.