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task - hello tuphan? now online..


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dL (180mb) > task_hello.tuphan.mp3
mixed by / task


This is originally a 33 track DJ mix CD with poster artwork and a playful story. Illustrations by Toye, plus overall concept and design assistance by Elysha, and word-play collaborations with Sayla Seeds.

Follow a story about a trickster who lives amongst us, pulling his magical pranks everyday even though often misunderstood. Who is this Tuphan? Where does he come from? Why does he continue his mischief while most choose to ignore mysterious things?

well.. you are just gonna have to own one of these CDs to find out..

Complete with a wall-mount screen-print poster including a playful story and visual representation of Tuphan's adventure of finding Halloween.

A lot of love from multiple talented artists,
last of very limited edition now available by emailing tuphan@djtask.info
the CD will cost $10, simply needing to recoup the hight cost of materials and process..

Track ID:

Bill Colvig & Lou Harrison / Jhala III / Ellipsis Arts
Moodyman / Trak Fighteen / Peacefrog
Captain Comatose / Nymattress / Playhouse
Steve O'Sullivan / Street Sadness / Bluetrain
Jake Mandell / Circumscribed / Force
The Mole / I'll Do It If You Chase Me / Arbutus
Nuflex / Dry and heavy remix / Warp
Gemini / Falling Leaves / Relief
GiGi Galaxy / Caravan / Teknotika
Mathew Jonson / New Id / Itiswhatitis
? / Drumtravellers Vol.1 / Hybrid
GiGi Galaxy / They Came, They Party'd, They Left / Teknotika
Silent Partners / Down By Dub / Hi Phen
Manasoaio / Sacha Sutra / Cachaga
DAP / Brush Your Lips / Rescue
Le Grande Boofont / Fresh Prince of Bell Hair / Wiggle
Ellen Allien / Trust and... / Bpitch Control
Frank Yenter / Hayabusa / Mutter
Daze Maxim / Mathmatical Breakfast / Eukatech
Daze Maxim / Mental Sport Reduction / Serial Killer's Haircut
Sutekh / Warm Rod / Context
Pheek / On Avait Pourtant Essaye / Epsilonlab
Pheek / A Remedy 4 All / Clever
Cajmere / Sometimes I Do / Cajual
Kit Clayton / Nothing But Nothing / Seven City
Mark Ambrose / Tripwire This / Crayon
Mark Ambrose / Nunu Bazoo / Crayon
2 Dollar Egg / Time Square / I220
Freaky Chakra / Distance / Crayon
Maetrik / Freaky Flow / Big Chief
DJ Bone / Whatubelieve / D1
M Flux / Adams Family / Pottheadz
Mr. De / Full Circle Electrofunk

all materials used for this mix are strictly for demo and story telling purpose only, thanks and respect goes out to all artists for their freaky production work..
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yes..... this is a killer mix that I haven't listened to in a while...

deep, trippy, quirky, and clicky.... yum yum yum.