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Tasc - July mix for Channel One Station - House

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by tasc, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. tasc

    tasc TRIBE Promoter

    Here's my July contribution to the launch of channelonestation.com.

    direct link


    you can also sign up for the podcast here

    Andreas Saag - People Say (Pol On Remix)
    Me & Him - Groove (Sasse Remix)
    Lovebirds - Alright
    Kink - Rachel (TascEdit)
    Donnacha Costello - Its What We Do (King & Neville Remix)
    And ID - Erotica
    Sahar Z, Guy Mantzur - Sneaky Remix (Audio Junkies Remix)
    Jesse Rose - (Where Were You) Last Night
    Sick Jargon - Memories
    Claude Von Stroke - Twang Chung
    Martjiin & Chris Luke - Carnival (Paul Hardy Remix)
    Delete - Our Generation
    Worthy - Hot Kettle Booty
    David Keno & M.in - Can't Feel
    Giano - Feelin' Good
    Bobby & Klein - Wait & See
    Corrie & Grunbox - Bully Trash
    Nelski - Body Pop (Jesse Rose)
    Jet Project - Message From Chi-Town
    Joan Reyes - Shakedown (Bass Kleph Remix)
    Worthy - Mizzle (Tom Flynn Remix)
    Deepchild - Stripjoint Mathematics
    The 5 Beats - Doyl
    Luca Bacchetti - Endless Summer (Tasc Edit)
    Face De Bouc - Andrade (Tasc Edit)
    DJ Sneak - Love 2010 (Monoman Remix)
    The Midnight Perverts & Michal Ho - Miami Sucks
    Paolo Mojo - He's The Man
    Rodriguez JR - Princess Guacamole
    Joseph Capriati - Tapa Boca
    Markus Mehta & Alec Chizhic - Tactile (Stacey Pullen Remix)
    Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (Sinden Remix)
    Tim Green - Old Sunshine (TascEdit)
    Channel X - Freakshow
    Julien Chaptal - Nuts
    Derek Dunbar - Played Out
    Danny Howells - Too Far Gone (Alex Dimitri remix)
    Catz N Dogz - Something Will Come Out
    Johnny Dinell - Jam Hot (Tensnake Remix)
    Tom Demac - Head First Into The Murk
    Carlo Lio - Let's Get Back
    Andy Compton - The Plan (Andreas Saag Perspective Remix)
    Robag Whrume - 48 52 N 2 21 O
    KiNK - Kiss The Sky

    Last edited: Jul 18, 2010

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