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Taro. Not Tarot, Taro.

If you know what Taro is, you are cool.

Or you are Asian.

But being Asian does not neccesarily mean you are cool.

If you are Asian and you know what Taro is, you're just a Taro-knowing Asian.

But if you're some WASP and you know what Taro is, well...that's cool.



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like taro in soup...and taro chips as a treat...yum...taro!

but i'm not cool. :(

but i like taro, red bean soup, bubble tea, soya chicken, cooked cucumber in soup, hot pot, dried plums...and lots of other food and treats..


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Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid
hello kitty is actually a mispronunciation of taro kitty.

this thread needs more peen.

*ZAP!* of electropeen delivered!

Helloooooooooooooo KiTTY!!

dj Red Turtle

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Originally posted by Jeremy
I know an asian guy and his name is Taro.

Does that count?

jeremy -cool by association- jive
An asian dude named Taro? LOL

That's like having a white guy named Carrot... oh wait...


Booty Bits

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i ate a bunch of taro on my trip last month.

i'm so wasian cool.

no but seriously, those sticky rice, taro and coconut milk bundles wrapped in banana leaves - they're tasty.
i even liked the ones with sweet potato in them.