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Tape to MP3 conversion?


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I’ve been putting this project off for a long time, but I’ve got hundreds of tapes from the olden days that I’d like to convert to MP3 format.
I assume I’ll need a tape deck, a sound card with the correct input and some sort of software to split the tracks up.

Any recommendations for a soundcard (does All-in Wonder handle this?) and the software I’d use to split the tracks up? Preferably the software would be free or fairly cheap ‘cause this is a one off once the tapes are done. Also, is it possible to master out some of the tape hiss without spending 2 years doing it?

Thanks for the help.


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I'm doing it now.

Tapedeck into soundcard, recording using Soundforge.

You can also clean up the hiss etc with plugins such as de-esser and de-clicker.

My question is, is it better to use DOlby or not to use Dolby noise reduction?

Which works better, cleaning up the noise reduced signal or running it with out the noise reduction?


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alternately, you can just use the same kind of scenario you described. tape deck -> sound card, and then use software like Audacity to record/edit the resulting WAV file. Audacity is free, and easy to use. http://audacity.sf.net
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i've done this many times with nothing but a cracked copy of soundforge and a tape deck

the mp3s usually sound alright, as long as the source is good and so is the tape deck


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Sequoia and a nakamichi tape deck. I have done it and often they sound better than my CDs when the original was vinyl. I often use a delta 1010 for this.