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Tall Paul


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So....what you guys think?

Personally, I'm not that big into the 4 on the floor style but I was enjoying his tuneage quite a bit. He even played Rennie Pilgrem!! The man knows his quality tunes.

Overall I had a good night, what about you guys?


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what big events are going on over the holidays? (say from December 18th - January 4th) ?????

I search and search and search and come up with nothin'.

Chicago Kid

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I had a massive crazy time. Tall Paul was def tearin it up but I felt got a little to trancey/vocally for me at times. Really enjoyed Jon O'Bir's opening set as I think I've seen him once before in Chicago. Talked to Tall Paul for a bit and seems like a chilled dude.

When O'Bir or Tall Paul (can't remember which one) played Chable & Bonnici's "Ride", I almost fainted and was running around the dancefloor looking for my people...it's one of the sickest tracks out at the moment!

All in all, a wicked night with TONS of familiar faces from the local scene. Was a little skeptical at first with the whole "Shockwaves" venue but turned out to me stellar...about 8 double Rye on the rocks and numerous shots helped too.

Mark, good seeing you. This Friday is my B-day if you wanna come out and get crazy with us. I might be spinning at Voodoo for my party. :cool:
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Paul Who?

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Chris is a booze monkey

The night wasn't bad...tall paul didn't wreck a mix and his sound wasn't that gay. So all in all, it was alot better than listening to one of arek's sets.


Yo Mark what's up with that website, is it all porn pop-ups or what?
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Paul Who?

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I was wondering how good it was and if you moved already. I figured there had to be some catch.