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Tall Paul & John Aquaviva @ Turbo

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by come-unity, Oct 22, 2000.

  1. come-unity

    come-unity TRIBE Member

    This was a sick party!! The crowd was amazing and the tunes kept me movin!! This was my favourite night at Turbo. I thought maybe there would have been more trance/progressive though. I left sweaty and thats all I ask!! My only regret is that I missed the RNB anniversary party. Sorry Rick & Natalie!!

    What did you think?
  2. recoil

    recoil TRIBE Member

    I had fun ... I only really know jungle, but the music was slamming all night - the only down-side was losing my friends for much of the night, but I was well-messed up, so i didn't mind too much =) I was there right till the bitter end at 7:30

  3. Par- T

    Par- T TRIBE Member

    Great night, still trying to recover from the lack of sleep (I stayed till 7:00), so I can't do a proper review yet - maybe tomorrow.

    Me thinking back -> [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. C-DOT

    C-DOT TRIBE Member

    Madness, simply madness!

    7hrs of seamless mixing. Acquaviva started it off nice but then threw it into high gear shortly after 1 and didn't let up 'til 3. It was one of the best sets I've heard in a long time. Danny Howells kept it moving and seeing this huge guy behind the decks looking to have the time of his life was awesome. He was signing along with the songs, dancing harder than most, awesome. Tall Paul came on at 5 and started into this tough progressive trance set. He was screaming at the audience for every little bit of energy they had left, sheer beauty!

    This night, had the perfect blend - great djs havin' it as much as the crowd and a great crowd looking to party their socks off.

    One of the best nights of the year thus far (still Sneak's b-day!)
  5. MikeTwisted

    MikeTwisted TRIBE Member

    Uh...the big fellow was Tall Paul. Danny Howells played last.
  6. CO2

    CO2 TRIBE Member

    I was only at this party fer a bit, but from what i saw while i WAS there, the event loked sick.

    I managed to catch the tail end of Tall Paul's set (and btw , he WAS the big guy behind the decks), and let me just say...very nice. I always find it weird seeing trance acts like that appearing @ Turbo. Its good to see them embracing trance acts more and more. I certainly hope it becomes a trend!!

    Although i never even HEARD that this was going down until friday (thanks kimmy!!), i tried extremely hard to make sure i could at least catch a bit of it.

    Unfortunately, i didnt catch Aquavivas set, but from what ive heard, it was bang on as well. There arent too many times when Aquaviva dissapoints.

  7. *SiLver*RoBoT*

    *SiLver*RoBoT* TRIBE Member

    Personally, I despised this night. John Acquaviva was amazing, but the club is setup so poorly that it sounded like Acquaviva's mixes were off. Acquaviva was setting up who I thought would've been Danny Howells, however it turned out to be Tall Paul. Needless to say, after his first three tracks, I left. They had to have been the most cheesy tracks I've heard. I wanted to stay up for Danny Howells, but I was just too damn tired.


  8. stanimal

    stanimal TRIBE Member

    I admit Tall Paul started out somewhat cheezy, but then he started spinning some hard, progressive trance! Too bad you left early.

    This was one of the best nights I've had in a while. Aquaviva, Tall Paul, Howells all spun mad tracks.

    The crowd was a pleasant surprise. Mature, friendly, beautifully dressed, there for the music. Very busy, but I could always find a spot to dance.

    What more can you ask for in a party?

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I thought it was a great night! Turbo has never looked better, and Mr. Acquaviva played a stellar set. Tall Paul was OK, and Danny Howells put on the performance of the evening. He was so happy to be there, constantly smiling and interacting with the crowd. I thought the sound system upstairs was at it's best yet. Great night out! Hopefully Turbo continue to bring in talent like Danny Howells. Oh, it was great seeing Gizmo and meeting, if I remember correctly, Fleaflo and Suke. Peace!
  10. fleaflo

    fleaflo TRIBE Member

    Ya great to meet ya Nesta.

    Old man flea bailed out on his compadres before 4am. I really don't like the setup upstairs at turbo at all. The 50mile hike to see the dj ruins it for me.

    John Acquaviva was really pounding it out and I was pretty suprised to hear him play 'Future' by Halo Varga. It does'nt really seem like a track that he would play but damn he can play whatever he wants.

    Tall Paul, in my humble opinion, was definetly not for me and I felt he especially started off pretty weak. [​IMG]

    I was so disappointed to find out that Danny Howells was going on at 5 instead of 3. I was hoping they were going to put him on downstairs, which I personally think is the far superior setup in this club. He was the reason I was there, but there was no way I was going to stay till 5am this nite. So boo hoo [​IMG] for me. Gettin old ya know.

    But I still got to hang with some of the Tribe crew, most specifically a very 'grumpy' *SiLver*RoBoT*, Michellmybelle, Suke, Gizmo. I met Nesta(as mentioned), and Chiclet.

    I don't know why, but for some bizarre reason, I just can't get into the music when Im at Turbo?

    Last thing tho, downstairs at Turbo was hitting it hard. Myka, Carlos Fuente and others were doin it up. I wished I had stayed downstairs from the get go. Lets face it people, $20 for that lineup, plus the badass locals downstairs was a steal.

    flea [​IMG]
  11. MiracleFish

    MiracleFish TRIBE Member

    I went to this party and I have just 2 words to say...
    Hated it!!!

    Decor? Other than a few clusters of disco balls , what made it so great?
    Was it the oh so slight reminder that this was a Ministry of Sound event, or was it the images of Benson & Hedges that did it for you?

    Vibe? There didn't seem to be one.
    Unless people now a days consider being packed onto a club like a sardine with no room to dance, along side people running around you like rats looking for cheese ...a vibe.
    yep...they sure as hell had a vibe.

    Saving grace was the tunes, and the fact that this time at Turbo the didn't go totally nuts with the lights.
    ( I would like to have some sort of eyesight when Im older)

    Anyways, all and all I was tres disappointed.

    muff said
  12. Nush

    Nush TRIBE Member

    John Aquaviva was really good, I didn't like Tall Paul at ALL. I was downstairs listening to Myka & Carlos Fuente most of the night. Myka rocked as ususual. Carlos Fuente was good too. I had an alright night, but I've never been able to get into the whole "trance" thing. Danny Howells didn't do anything for me either.
  13. MikeTwisted

    MikeTwisted TRIBE Member

    Danny Howells doesn't play trance (sorry if I inferred that you thought he did).
    He plays slamming progressive house.
    He's a wicked DJ.
  14. Nush

    Nush TRIBE Member

  15. Woody

    Woody TRIBE Member

    I had an off night and didn't really have that great a time at this party. The music was amazing downstairs but I didn't really make it upstairs to hear anything although I heard that Mr Howells laid down some sick tunes.

    The high point was meeting up with Ambrish (thanks again for the beer I owe you one)and Dave and meeting michellemybelle, Suke and Tom for the first time. It was great to meet all of you once again.

    till next time,

  16. PUNTER


    I never made it on time to catch Aquaviva.

    Tall Paul was pure cheese and bad mixing.

    Danny Howells was incredible. Brilliant music, tight mixing, and he maintained the crowd like a true professional. I can't remember the last time I danced like that...

  17. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    Good to meet Nesta and Woody as well. Too bad we couldn't "hang" longer.

    Upstairs - rammed. Music was not to my liking.

    Downstairs - Music was to my liking. Carlos Feurtes was solid and then Myka came on and they went back to back with some funky chunky house.

    I was there for Danny Howells but I couldn't stay due to the music and the shiney shirts. That is the most rammed I have ever seen Turbo. I am talking about both floors.

    Nothing special for me but I could see that alot of the people upstairs were "Havin' it Large". OMG OMG OMG OMG Ministry of Sound ... Must Go

  18. Suke

    Suke TRIBE Member

    It was all about H-Foundation (read as Halo) on October 14th at Turbo.
  19. Gizmo

    Gizmo TRIBE Member

    I have to echo a lot of the sentiments expressed here.....Aquaviva...was very good (surprisingly quite progressive)..I didn't expect him to drop "Future" either, nor the Slacker Remix of Roaches.

    Tall Paul was awful. Two tracks into his set and I scurried downstairs...

    I was loving the tunes downstairs though, Myka and Carlos were pounding the shit out of the place.

    Overall I had a sweet time, but it was due to the folks I was with and the copious amounts of booze that was consumed. Does anyone else find the treble at Turbo way too high? Especially upstairs?

    Good to see Flea, Silver Robot, Coleridge, Creme, Jman, Suke, Michellemybelle, Nesta, Woody, Psyrel, and Chiclet **phew...**
  20. C-DOT

    C-DOT TRIBE Member

    Boy, am I blushing right now! I even have two of Danny Howells compilations. Oh well, I had a great time and Acquaviva showed them boys from the other side of the pond how its done.
  21. Par- T

    Par- T TRIBE Member

    Well here I am back, my review:

    Turbo was massively packed as everyone has said, haven't seen it so plugged upstairs since Richie Hawtin visited. With the downstairs room also packed- it made getting away from the crowds and being able to move, a bit difficult.

    It was a good night inspite of the crowd, nice to see John Acquaviva showing his skills are as always a match for any import. He has yet to disapoint, an excellent set from start to finish- as usual I didn't stop dancing. Tall Paul was ok at the start but definately improved later on in his set. I ended up moving downstairs to catch the locals so I don't know how he finished. Danny Howells absolutely rocked the place and me along with it. From the moment I made it upstairs until my energy started draining at 7am, Danny was in total control - I had no choice but to move. I didn't want to leave- one sick track after another.

    Nice to meet Woody & Michellemybelle for the first time and to see all the usual suspects in attendance - Suke, Flea and Gizmo. Didn't run into anyone else though (too crowded).
  22. Bumbaclat

    Bumbaclat TRIBE Member

    I had a great night.... and it wasn't that packed comparted to the Tribe 7 year.....while that was AMAZING it was RAMMED!!
    Enjoyed the great music upstairs, enjoyed the room to move and sit downstairs. I also liked that they made an effort to beautify the ugly downstairs room. stayed til 7 and had a blast. Well worth $20.
  23. futronic

    futronic TRIBE Member

    I have to ask this since no-one replied to my post in the other area. What was the name of the track that Aquaviva dropped about 2 hrs into his set (around 2am?) that was a really pounding track (progressive?) that had a sample that sounds like "E-on, E-on, E-on, E-on".

    Lil help here? It'd be much appreciated [​IMG]

    -- Jay aka Fut
  24. coleridge

    coleridge TRIBE Member

    "E-On" "E-On" etc....

    AC/DC by XPress-2 on Skint.
  25. me

    me TRIBE Member

    come-unity. Were you the one that was dancing so hard you kept dropping your pack of smokes?

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