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talk like a canadian eh!!


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i can't believe in this summer of blockbusters (aotc, spider man, mib2) there has been no hype around :


so while i go grab a donut from tim's, this thread is aboot talking like a canadian eh! **put's on toque & cougars**


ps this thread will probably crash & burn :D (but i'm bored)
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I love that their tag is "coming soon to theaters across *Canada*" - its a money maker all right :D

is it a real movie?


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If the women don't find you handsome. they should at least find you handy.

cho me down der by da river by.(talking like a goofy. whoops...I mean Newfie)


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I can't believe that show is still on TV
I always thought it would run out of fresh ideas after 2 seasons ... but I guess not

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