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Taking over someone's car lease


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I'm thinking of taking over someone's car lease and was wondering if there are any downsides to doing this? So far it seems like a win/win situation on my side as I get a fairly new car, low payments, owner is willing to pay lease transfer costs and I don't have to dish out a big deposit.


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There are really no downsides.

Most people are dumping leases because they cannot affoard the lease anymore, and are willing to dump the car usually along with a cash bonus.

You are taking advantage of someone elses fuck up usually. That being said, some times people just want a new car..then the deal is not so sweet.

I had to dump a lease after a huge speeding ticket, and the guy got a crazy deal. You can probably work them to the bone as they are desperate, ask for a higher cash bonus..you'll probably get it.

Just be careful of everything that comes along with a lease thought..going over KMs, damage to the car when you return it etc. but that applies to any lease, new or take over.