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Taking Grand Bend back!


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so what do ya'll think of this George guy putting in his claim and no tersspassing signs around Grand Bend and the Pineries Park? I guess he says that he can rightfully claim almost al of South-Western Ontario!? They supposedly 'loaned' the land to us in the 1800's or something. I'm not to sure what he really wants. It doesnt seem like he wants to take it all back? the last time it was over getting more jobs for the Natives.

Dudley Goerges brother says that it is bad timing due to the hearing that is about to take place about his brothers death.

It sounds like most of the politicians arent to sure what to make of it so far...It seems like he really has a point. I wonder what they are going to do? What if they legally hads to give all the land back...we'd be pretty fucked.

I think they should take a good look into this, and hope that somethign as bad as the dudley goerge incident doesnt happen again. maybe give him complete control over the Pinerey?
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