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Taking afterhours james for advantage.

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I guess we have been lucky to get away as much as we have been for the past years with the amount of afterhours parties that have been happening once again in Toronto. As the "Big" parties fell the "Old School" warehouse jams have been popping up more often. Some of these parties have been the best parties that I have played at and attended.
The one problem that has always lurked over these parties is the wrong people entering without peoples knowledge. The most recently was the past murder at the Geary Road space.

Taken from CP24"

"They’re especially outraged about a deadly encounter at an after hours club on Geary Ave., where a 24-year-old victim lay unattended for over eight hours before authorities were called. “We have at that location two after-hour clubs that were running during the night,” Staff Supt. Ken Cenzura explains. "We have a number of people that were at those locations and a number of people we know that would have seen the body lying there at 4:45 in the morning, yet no one called the police.”

Adding to his outrage: at least 100 people were believed in attendance at the time, and more shots were fired in the parking lot. But very few witnesses have so far come forward to help investigators find out what happened."

This is a sad case to hear about because no one has any ideas as to what happened and no one is coming forward. I am also concerned that this is not going to make Police crack down on Afterhours more often now because of this.

The scene lost most of it's "dirty" side a few years ago...hopefully it will not be returning that way in the future.
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