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~*...takeshi's castle/mxc...*~

that 420 guy

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spike tv's adaptation of the japanese gameshow takeshi's castle is the epitome of the it's funny cause it ain't me mentality on tv today (imho).


takeshi's castle is a gameshow which is shown on challenge television in japan? and spike tv in north america. the host, ladies favourite general lee, leads 100 volunteers to storm the castle of count takeshi.



but what makes this show so goddam funny are the voice overs. with names like vic romano and guy laroche for obvious japanese contestants and hosts, combined with the necessary mtv/spike tv sexual undertones, contestants perform the most stupid challenges and get rocked trying to accomplish them.


this show is too funny words. watch it every night at midnight on spike tv...you'll crack a rib laughing. a great show to fall asleep to...no thinkin required.

- that keshi-hed guy :cool:
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Been watching it all the time. It's on pretty much all day! lol

Zigg' :D

By far my favourite segments are the BOULDER DASH runs! LMFAO :D
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Originally posted by Eclectic
Nose Nuggets.



I messaged that to everyone on my MSN list last night...
Don't think anyone knew what the hell I was talkin about.. :D



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When i was a child... i always laughed wholeheartedly at someone tumbling down the stairs or slipping on a sheet of ice...

cruel.. perhaps... but man... i tell you ... there is NOTHING in the world as funny as someone completely losing their equilibrium and falling head over heels.

this show delivers and then some.

the commentators are funny as fuck (altho i know some people who can't stand them)... i think they're outrageous.

i like the game where they have to carry the gold ball accross the precariously narrow bridge.....

but by far the best of the best for most painful eliminations of the day:

Sinkers and floaters

nothing quite as satisfying as seeing a middle-aged soccermom take it face first as her foot hits a sinker and her face hits a floater.


I also like the little voices they give to the contestants.... for their battlecries and girlish squelches as they get hurt one way or another.
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Guy LeDouche

Watching people get hurt is funny ;)

Sinkers & Floater is hilarious
So is the horse racing one where the contestants wear roller skates.
The games taken in the snow is good to watch...

dj Red Turtle

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You ever seen the ones where they have the "World" competitions? Those wankers don't go full out like their Japanese counterparts.

The costumes and get ups that they wear sometimes are fucking hilarious....

Norm are you sure its on at midnight every night?

It used to be on Tues from 9 till 11. Now its on at random times. Who has a listing?
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serious fans should go rent the japanarama series from suspect (or steal keith's). same deal but it's even funnier.

dj Red Turtle

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The marathon is on again tonight. From 9pm till midnight.

It looks like they are going to have some new ones. YAY no more repeats!!


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Sinkers and Floaters is good.

But I think my favourite is the one with the huge rolling logs they have to run across.

Not only do they do a face first into the next log, they usually bend in half the wrong way as they fall through the gap.

Concussions AND spinal injury!
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