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Take that EDM promoters! LED twirling Floor People strike back!


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They are petitioning a LA EDM promoter for their reclining postions...

Insomniac Events: Allow all types of LED lights into events

Petition by
Judii Brand
Los Angeles, CA

Insomniac has recently banned all LED lights in their events. From Poi, Gloving, LED hoops, you name it, they’ve banned it.

Gloving is a huge part of the EDM community and has been for a few years. Gloving is one's way to show how they see and feel music; just like dance.

"The image that it creates when groups of music fans are sitting or lying on the floor gazing at the designs reflects poorly and sends a false message of what the electronic dance music scene is about." Who is Insomniac to say that gloving, or any other form of LED art, creates a bad image to the scene? Who is to say that gloving sends a false message? The main important thing is that everyone is having fun, right?

"Local fire marshals have voiced their concerns about attendees sitting on the dance floor and will no longer tolerate the fire hazard that it creates." We understand that it is a fire hazard for attendees to sit on the ground and watch as the glovers give a light show. But wouldn't it be better for Insomniac, the fire marshals, and the attendees to be prepared when an issue happens? Instead of running around and creating chaos?

When the ban started, we all know that everyone sneaks their gloves in, event security ends up taking away sets that range from an affordable price to crazy expensive. Glovers end up losing a lot of money and losing the good vibes they had when they walked in.

“Poi is a performing art. You swing a rope with a ball at the end through rhythmical and geometric patterns. Poi does not involve formal education. You learn from yourself and from others, and that’s what this whole thing is about: a social thing. We all meet in a certain warehouse, desert, festival, rave, concert, etc and we share ideas, thoughts and information with each other. We dance, we meditate, we forget about the weekdays.” – Edit Murphy from PlurLife

We propose that Insomniac create a good sized section in every stage (whether in the back or in the sides) where glovers/hoopers/poi spinners can showcase their skills and have a safe time doing so. With this, Insomniac can create a safety plan when an issue does occur. This way, it does not jeopardize everyone's fun and safety when attendees are sneaking in LED lights and giving shows in the middle of a very crowded area.

Let's bring LED lights back into the EDM scene and hope Insomniac creates an excellent safety plan to make things work for them, the fire marshals and us.

Sign the petition:
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Or how about just don't go to Insomniac even'ts as I'm sure anyone who knew any better wouldn't be going to them.