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Tai Chi

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stir-fry said:
u'r welcome :)
i used to pass it all the time when my buddy lived upstairs..
you thinking of taking it up?

its like kung fu, only slower

glych t.anomaly

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alexd said:
its like kung fu, only slower

tai chi is kung fu

the forms are slow, because it takes better conditioning and skill to do so slowly then quickly.

its more fluid than Shaolin, Wing Tsun, and the other kung fu styles that came before it, and has a softer, passive aggresive nature like aikido [ japanese ]
that uses your oponents own momentum and force against them.

i studied tai chi and shaolin kung fu at yonge and welesely

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I think Parks and Rec offer classes as well, and may end up being cheaper.

Combined with Level 4 Tae Bo, you'll be a wrecking machine!


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You can check out a tai chi class at Golden Harmony Kung Fu at 895 Yonge St (just north of Davenport on the east side). Beautiful club to train in, great instruction, and the first class is free. visit http://goldenharmonykungfu.com for details.

Or, at the Queen West Community Health Centre they offer free tai chi classes. They're located on Bathurst St. just south of Queen West. Call for more info: 416-703-8482x100