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T shirt printers in toronto


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A repeat thread I am sure, but, has anybody a good recommendation for quality T shirt printing in Toronto. Advice on bulk plain T shirt (high quality) shirts would also be appreciated.

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yeah, totally... its just the matter of how fast you want the shirts done. and the complexity of the design. Heat transfers are good for photos and stuff like "Here is my kitten" on a tshirt. silk screening (i'm getting into this right now myself), depending on how many colours are used in the image, can take more time to separate and expose each layer.

basically, I don't have an answer to your question at all but am taking the opportunity to talk about silk screen vs. heat tranfser... SORRY! :eek:

also american apparal can order you in a bunch of shirts, I am getting in to making t's myself right now (slowly) and ordered a bunch of shirts from different companies and they're the best quality right now.


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That’s alright, good to have learnt something about the process. I won’t sound like a mug when talking to printers now.

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Originally posted by s1k
can u get 1 print? not mass prints? i have some wicked designs i want on shirts

there's a place on queen street just east of parliament that does one-offs. it's called 'magic logos' (i think.)


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Be careful of this place. we got these tank tops made for summer magic with our company's logo on it.....and if you were in the business of tshirt printing you know that if you were doing a tank top for a women you have to do the logo higher, because women have breasts. well they dont because we have a bunch of tank tops with the logo that sits underneath our chest its retarded.
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Joe Seven

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About LogoMagik:

I've dealt with this guy on a couple occasions, and he screwed up big time on one job (a one-off but still)... I brought in a white hat, which I bought somewhere else because he didn't have any, and asked for a logo on the front and on the side. When I picked up my hat, it was yellow-stained on the front side (burnt heat transfer) and the logo on the side of the hat was upside down. I know he's got bigger jobs to deal with, it was just a one-off, but that is pathetic shit. I think he did another heat transfer for me on one of his crappy black hats at no cost, but he was huffing and puffing about the whole ordeal, as if I should have just been happy with my burned ass-backwards hat...
I'd never trust this guy to do a batch of screen-printed T's.


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If you are looking to run over 100 shirts send me a PM and I can provide a quote. Silk screen and embroidery.


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There is a place called Bang On...somewhere on Queen. There are some heat transfer places in Kensington.


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Hi everyone, Lucy here...a newbie, please don't beat me up. :eek:

Wow peeps, thanks for the Plug !

I work for Spot98 here in RR land north of Orangeville. "The Shop" retail store on Queen (as posted) is run by Jamie..... she is the best. Mind you that her retail Store Hours are strange, 2-6 pm only...so phone ahead. Talk about executive hours Eh ! lucky girl. :)

....ho, there is a thing called Greige...gray/beige...it is the cotton color before it is dyed...like with white dye for example. The problem is that when using Heat...sometimes the heat burns off the dye and the Greige color under it appears....and looks like a stain or burnt mark.

...not sticking up for t-shirt-magico, but i though it would be worth mentioning.:D

...let me go browse Tribe.:)