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Syzygy: Mercury

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by d.code, Jun 2, 2001.

  1. d.code

    d.code TRIBE Member

    While this isnt the kind of event I would normally attend- we brought the projection screen for the promoter to use so we found our selves standing around and trying to get into the 200 bpm happy hardcore.
    So we left and went for a walk to get smokes and ran into 2 people we havent seen for ages and talked for about 2 huors in a park.
    We ventured back to the 160 after getting some street meat and went in to find out that SOS hadnt shown yet. But 5 minutes before his set Len came up the stairs and went in and did his thing. Im not a fan of the hard trance so I sat around goofing off intill Tommysmalls stepped up to the decks!
    What followed was 1.5 hours of wicked techno more on the minimal trip! Meesta Smalls!
    Nice running into some TBK... Madness- long time no see! Everytime I run into you- its at the 160! Were LIKWID kyds. [​IMG] Ritka- Groovy! Why is being sandwiched by you and Luara a bad thing? I dunno. Do it again! :p jokes.
    Mr.Tall- I knew it was you for the obvious reason. [​IMG]

    As for the party itself- I give it a 6/10. Nothing too orginal here. Same usual Talent (with a few exceptions) and same basic party techniques.

    "Techno DJ's do it deeper"
  2. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    yes yes! mr smalls threw down a sweet set. when i see him behind the decks, al i can think is Calvin (of hobbes fame).
    and he even stuck around to groove to some of doublecross' sweet loungey d&b - love to see the cross genre respect...

    alright party, but like you said, nothing special.
    how are they going to use that venue in the summer? won't be able to breathe in there.
  3. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    i have to give props to TheVibeMonkey for trying a party format that has been non-existent in Toronto for at least 3 years. One (small) room, one vibe, 5 genres of music. Sadly I missed fagatrons techno set, and beakers ukhardhouse sets, but i was there for the remainder of the night. I must the progression in music from the high-pitched HH to Hard trance, to hard minimal techno, to deep jungle was a smooth flow that rounded off the evening in fine style. Its extremely hard to fuse so many styles of music in one party, let alone all in one room !!

    I really enjoyed SOS's set, a lot less epic than i was expecting - he threw down a few anthems, but kept it hard for 90 minutes without too many builds and worked the mixer beautifully. I also have to give Doublecross major props for his deep jungle styles - haven't had a chance to check him out before, and i was totally diggin' it.

    The venue still needs work - like proper AC - shit its hot in there!!! It would also be nice to buy some booze ( but we had our bases covered [​IMG]) BUT, on a positive note, they've got red bull [​IMG]

    As for the production quality of the party, i thought TheVibeMonkey did a bang up job. Everything went without a hitch, and turned out very well. Kudos!

  4. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    I had fun while I was there. I got there aroun 2:00 or so, and it was way too hot inside, so I spent most of the time hanging out in front of the McDonalds with the homeless guy who was wearing a silver helmet! haha.. that guy was crazy.

    It had cooled off a tiny bit by my set, which I was happy about, and I think the party ended pretty well.

    Good seeing a few Tribers there too!

  5. Dj PyRO

    Dj PyRO TRIBE Member

    well, you have all come to digital fun, if all the shit didnt happen, it would have been a better party
  6. jynx

    jynx TRIBE Member

    I had fun....coulda done without soooo much HHC.....tommys set was wikked....missed fagatron though...Kept having to leave the venue for air, was way too hot. That homeless guy by McDonalds was awesome, "hot hot kitty in a big big city with a big big titty!!" HAHAHA, I love hearing that guy sing.
    It was pretty sweet getting to watch planet of the apes on the screen.
    It was good to see some TBK there too..
  7. ADT

    ADT TRIBE Member

    how was fagatron? << hahahaahahah =D!!

    v..abstractdatatype << was going to go to this party until i found out that fagatron wasnt going to flame out on stage.. (the only reason i was considering going in the first place)
  8. yummi

    yummi TRIBE Member

    We ( the club ) have been trying to get someone to fix the AC for three months !!

    No joke [​IMG]

    If anyone has a contact that can do Air Con, please feel free to have them call Mark @ Metropolis records.


  9. klaarwater

    klaarwater TRIBE Member

    Ups to the Vibe Monkry on a great first party - it was a great mix of musical styles and talents. I had to unfortunately go to the 360 before Frolic came on - cannot deal. Everything else rocked - wikkid first time out for the vibe monkey (keep it up). SOS's set made the super cool transition from HHC to some really hard trance... Mmmmm trance. THen onto Tommy - I had forgotton how much I enjoy driving minimalist techno - have not been technoing in a few weeks... then Doublecross's DNB - it was so smooth and funky I ended up on my ass on the floor! [​IMG] ...thanks for the lift Madnezz! [​IMG]

    Totally had a great time at this party... glad to see everyone there.
  10. beaker

    beaker TRIBE Member

    Good work, Al [​IMG]

    Sorry I missed all you guys - I never did make it back.
  11. Dj PyRO

    Dj PyRO TRIBE Member

    ok, well, you guys should know at this point of spring or summer or what ever it is, all you need it air circulation... some good massive fans pumping air from out side would have done just fine, the cost would have been no more than 600 bucks and people would have been happy. In the heart of summer you guys will need alot more and let me tell ya that a/c will cost an arm and a leg. Get it now b/c it will be cheaper, if ya wait till it gets hot people will prob charge more b/c every person in the city will be trying to get a/c... its like buying ski shit durring the summer, cheap, winter=not so cheap... just some advice.
  12. tommysmalls

    tommysmalls TRIBE Member

    summer has been cancelled this year.
  13. BA

    BA TRIBE Member


    well, I certainly had an entertaining evening

    massive props of course to Mr Vibe Monkey for pulling off such an ambitious event on his first time out...

    my only regret is that I can't remember how the night ended... I would have liked to be more lucid for Tommy and Doublecrosses' sets, but frankly by the time SOS came on I was SOuSed..............

    damn that secret DJbooth minibar!!!!!

    Oh well. Awesome Night - Congrats Al!!!
  14. madnezz

    madnezz TRIBE Member

    THANK YOU AL aka VIBE MONKEY for throwing an awesome party!!! GOOD JOB!!!!! *grin*

    PSSSSH!!!! thats the last time *I* hang out with YOU in front of macdonalds!!! (you can forget any ice cream next time!)

    Hey Rob, remember that time we went to Macdonalds???? *L*

    "alienation, for the whole nation!" <--- homeless guy!

    WHAT-EVER!!!! Tyler, you had an AWESOME time, what are you TALKIN about!?!?!?! are you saying all that dancing and all those high-fives were for NOTHING? please.... tsk

    Well, I had an awesome time, lots and lots of fun. Yes, tommy's set was wikked, and so was Doublecrosses!!! (wow, I danced to jungle!)

    shout outs:

    tommysmalls- good to see you out! *wink* *grin*
    dlerium88- WAY too long doll. awesome to see you though!!! *S*
    That 420 Guy
    Vibe Monkey
    mr. tall

    too many things to say to too many people, and not enough time, so I'll have to leave it at that!!!! but it was so good to see you all!! *MWAH*

  15. DJ Doublecross

    DJ Doublecross TRIBE Member

    Of course, thanks for the ice cream Laura! I should have said that the first time.

    'Member when we hung out in front of McDonalds and I bought food twice within 15 minutes?
    Yeah, that was awesome.


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