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System guestlist cards


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but how did we get them?
Mine came in the mail one day and I am not sure how they got my address. I received it only a few months after I moved into this place too. <towelie> I have no idea what's going on </towelie>


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I've had one for a while....I signed up for it.......

You can go to the site and type in where you want guestlist, and 1,2 or 3+ people, and they put you on said clubs guestlist.....
I have only used it once, for system, and it worked, I got to bypass the line, and I got 5 bucks off I think. They send you emails every so often to tell you about upcoming events. Too bad it wasnt a frequent drinkers card and you got $ of drinks too.....

Par- T

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Can't help sort out the System card situation, I'm not there very often and never pay attention to what the card looks like.

Had the Bacardi one for a while but have never used it, thought it only worked for places/nights I would never go to, like Whiskey Saigon or Saturdays at Tonic .
Keep getting e-mails though, but I just delete them. <shrug>

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Originally posted by JayIsBored

then there are the vip clubcard that hoity toity fancy people have...i myself, being the plebe that i am, have never set eyes upon one

I have one - I have one!! hee hee
ooo aaa the SSB gold card :D


makes life easy :D


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Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid
It's not a VIP clubcard -- its just a shitty grey-logo'd one. Iono what it does, and I'm too chicken shit to go to the door and ask, which is why I'm asking on this board.

Imagine if it was, and I was paying for shit for all this time? Garf. But it ain't.

I need to know the Legend for the System Card Colours...Aie!!1


PS -- this is not one of those "omg, i got guestlist look at me im so special threads" either. So if you're thinkin of posting something like that, you're a punk. And not a cool trendy one.


Hey I got one of those..
Got it when I was shmoozing with a promoter there a few years back.

I thought it was just the card to get you into the vip section.


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this is the one I have
does it allow me to get in free?



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can anyone please verify what this ^^^^^^^ is?
I may need to go to System late tonight, and it would be nice to know what the deal is.
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Originally posted by OTIS
this is the one I have
does it allow me to get in free?

no, that is an old (they stoped about a year ago) VIP card for the vip room. they don't do anything in the club anymore


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All guestlists, VIP and cards are only valid until 12 (ya I know early) after that you either have to pay full cover or may get reduced if you are on guestlist.
Not sure about the card you have but it doesnt look like the linebypass/ no cover all the time cards. You might as well just ask at the door. You have nothing to lose because you arent using it right now anyways, right?

NEways, tomorrow night should be awesome, as always:)


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That Bacardi card is pretty weak. For System, you get line by-pass and no cover befoe 11:30, but only on resident's nights (ie: when there is no guest DJ). All of the clubs that that card works for have restrictions like that,so it's pretty useless oerall. :(

- Sam
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Originally posted by Moez
I received a Baccardi card with my name on it and everything, somehow mailed to me and it says I get into Guverment Thursdays, Tonic free Saturdays and System Fridays if I just tell them I have it.

what is this thing?


does anyone else have one?
i got one of those things, i signed up on the bacardi website. when i got it and looked into the offerings a little further they seemed kinda l4m3.

i was hoping for free booze or something usefull.



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All those cards....

Hey kids,

Thought that i would clear up this card situation for everyone ('cause ya know, i work there & all :) )

The VIP card pictured above WAS for access to the VIP Lounge, but we no longer use them....

There are purple, pink, orange & blue plastic cards with the System logo on a black backround- these are handed out to people in the guestlist line (or sometimes stolen, apparently ) as they come in- they designate reduced or free cover, but different ones are used for each category on different nights (this is helpful say if someone showed up with a pinched pink card and tried to use it at the cash on a BANG night, ' cause we don't use the pink ones on Saturdays...:p )

There are two types of VIP cards that look like credit cards, with either silver or gold trim:

The Silver VIP gets you and a guest in free B4 12 & line by-pass (yes, right at the gate) on any resident or local DJ night. When we have a special guest DJ, silver card-holders get reduced admission & line by-pass, and after 12 on a regular night they would get the reduced price.

There are very few Gold VIP cards, and if you've got one hang on to it!
Gold members get themselves & a guest in FREE on ANY night at Any time and line-bypass at the gate.

We also have Members night parties in the VIP Lounge on special occassions like Christmas, our anniversary, etc. Members can show their card at the door to the lounge and enjoy an open bar from 10pm until 12, then the room opens up to everyone.

Hope that helps,
please post if you have any more questions regarding the inner workings of System Soundbar :)



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Re: All those cards....

Originally posted by Momentum
please post if you have any more questions regarding the inner workings of System Soundbar :)

Heard there are hidden cameras all over the place... how many, and where, and why?


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Re: Re: All those cards....

Originally posted by PosTMOd

Heard there are hidden cameras all over the place... how many, and where, and why?

Yes, there are several cameras located inside & outside the club. These types of cameras are used to protect the safety of the people inside, the club staff and patrons. Most nightclubs in the city are equipped with these cameras- the amount needed is determined by the size of the club: They give a direct view of specific areas in the club where problems arrise. They're not there to spy on people, and are not used to determine if a patron will be kicked out- that is what security is for :)

I will tell you the specific reasons for some of the cameras, but there are too many to list:

There is a camera facing the office door, so the manager inside can see who is at the door if someone wants in, Security can also keep an eye on the door if the office is empty, and people can be directed away when they think it is the exit, etc. (this is kind of self-explanitory)

There are cameras pointed down at all of the bars to make sure no one gets dangerous around the bar (i.e. violent), tries to steal anything (money or alcohol) and the manager can also make sure that no one is getting served after 2 a.m. and all the liquor is put away on time so we don't have violations.

There are cameras facing the bathroom doors to make sure no one brings any alcohol inside, and that men & women go in the right bathroom (this is actually a liquor license violation as well)

There are camers facing the area outside the exit door to make sure no one leaves with any bottles, and for the inside staff to keep an eye out for any fights that might start on the street

There is a camera facing the door to the staff room to make sure only staff go in there, and so our personal belongings are safe.

The cameras aren't really hidden, either- you can see them if you know where to look- And they are not monitered constantly throughout the evening. Some are more important at different times, and again, the security staff are located at these key areas and many others- The cameras are more of a back-up for them. They allow the manager to see 9 places at once 'cause he definatley can't be 9 places at once ;)
Also, i am not absolutley sure, but i think that the new Liquor code says that you have to have some of these cameras- I know they were installed a few months ago when we had to replace the old security system.

I hope this answers your questions, please don't hesitate if you need to know more......
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Originally posted by Dam That SnarkEE Kid
Anyhoo, someone hook me up with a free-all-the-time-everywhere goldcard that gets me in to any club, anytime, all the time. And I'm talking Internationally recognized.
It's called a $20 bill. ;)
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