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System Architect, pays 80-100K + 15% Bonus


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Positions located in downtown Toronto (and other positions around various cities in the States).

In this role you will develop expert skills in Consulting, Web Architecture, SOA, SOAP, J2EE. This is a great opportunity for a Java developer to gain experience in design, architecture, and being a client advisor. Our company culture emphasizes personal development and we have clearly defined levels of progression. Through mentoring and active management we motivate and support you to advance through these levels at your own pace as opposed to be being locked into just annual performance reviews, which allows top performers to control their own destiny for promotions.

Estimated Time Allocation:
·50% consulting and interacting with customers to solve their business problems
·25% Deploying within Web Architecture
·25% Configuring software in a GUI environment
·1% programming customizations in Java (This is not coding position)

These positions all require up to 100% Travel (after the second year). In most cases we fly out
every Monday morning and fly home every Friday night or you can opt to stay over for the weekend.

By being at the customer site you will have high visibility with Fortune 500 managers and work experience on large scale enterprise systems as you develop your true consulting skills.

We offer:
·Competitive Salary
·Performance based bonus
·401k with matching
·100% Tuition Reimbursement
·Stock Options
·Full Health Benefits
·Expense Reimbursement
H1 visa transfer candidates are welcomed and encouraged to apply.

Minimum Requirements:
·Experience programming with broad areas of J2EE (JSP, Servlets, EJB)
·Experience consulting or interacting with customers
·Experience with SOA, XML, SOAP, and Web Architecture
·Leadership attributes and experience
·Experience with BPM products a plus
·Domain Knowledge of Banking, Insurance or Healthcare a plus
·Ability to travel 100% within US and Canada Required
·BS in Computer Science or Computer Engineering preferred

If interested send me an email henry.zaccak at gmail.com