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We arrived at the place at about 11:45. Cover was 15$ for both sexes: Opening nite -> Special event pricing. We proceeded to check our coats which was an additional 3 dollars. Beers were 3.50 before 12pm and 4.25 after which is about what I expected.
KiFe went upstairs for the breaks and I stayed downstairs to catch Mystical's set which was actually really good. Definitely not the usual stuff he spins: Very dark, heavy bass lines (although it seemed to me that the sound system couldn’t really handle the bass) and no anthems except maybe a couple at the end. By 1am downstairs was probably 1/4th full and upstairs was completely empty. Only 3 or 4 people were dancing except me (I was the tall skinny guy wearing a visor and a blue shirt with a spine on the back). I can understand why: The dance floor downstairs is incredibly unsuitable for dancing to jungle. Very rough ceramic surface that is too sticky for the spinning from side to side moves. I had to continuously spill water on the dance floor to lubricate it so that I could dance. At about 3am I went to check out upstairs for a bit and learned from Kife that the dj’s were really good. Apparently though there is no appreciation for local talent and it was even emptier than downstairs. I made a few moves and we decided to leave.

Shouts to kul-kat (was fun chatting wif you!), gunark (back to the jungle!), mcbee and her friends, Jason and Chris (Chris, you are a wikkid dancer!!)
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alex, i'ii use your cut and paste method ...

yes, yes, so the sound system will be fixed, but last night i wanted to cry. i never thought i would miss turbo so much. especially if you sat on one of the couches by the speakers ... yuck. (but i guess the full body massage made up for it.) the sound was the best in the middle of the room, but everyone was lingering around the perimeter. kinda disappointing night, but whatever.
alex, nice talking to you too. and nice seeing a couple other familiar faces.


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hey man..i was upstairs at 1am, and i was quite enjoying myself. the "drink upstairs, drink downstairs" game was in full effect by that point. Dj love was really good (i had never heard him before) and the two tracks i heard phat tick play were neato too. yes neato. i liked the change to the upstair "lounge" for phat beat, no more encounters with my arch nemisis...the lazor. i dont think my retnas(sp) could have taken any more.
i think the bartenders gotta stop dropping the lime in the drink,forcing one to fish it out again everytime.



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Alex, sorry Erin and I didn't make it down. We passed out on the couch....sorry man. That's too bad that the night wasn't so good. I think Bad Company will be the next party I'll be at.

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Bleh I just realized I posted this in the wrong thread before:

Toronto's so damn spoiled. First everyone complains about the lack of a regular prime-time breaks night... so Pure Phunk starts one up. And then nobody goes.
And then DJ Love comes to town, plays an incredibly fat old school set, and all of you supposed old school funk lovers don't show up.

Granted the cover was a bit steep, and there was another breaks event going on in hamilton that night, but whatever. Exams are done, a lot of people are on holidays, and NV should've been ram packed.

Ah well. I had a good time. Got a very fat free t-shirt out of it too.

P.S. Nice meeting you airbag and kife.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by spAce cAdette:
Can someone please explain what exactly the reason was for the move??

From what I can see Turbo was far superior venuewise.

As far as I'm aware...and from what I witnessed, poor turnouts is the blame. As Phat Beats is seeing now, Turbo did as well....for some stupid ass reason few people in Toronto support local nights. Personally, I prefer the local nights...the cover is cheaper and the music is better. To each their own, I guess.



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after a crazy, cranky, bitchy start to my friday nite, i ended up having fun at NV! nice to have the breaks upstairs - much more of a warm, intimate atmosphere (as opposed to the grungy, sketchyness of downstairs)

as always, phat trick got me dancing all over the place! yeah pat! i missed dj love in the summer so i was glad to be able to see him this time. i had to leave earlish to go pick up my baby from his goa trance (eww!!) party...so i didn't see all of dj love, but what i saw i enjoyed!

nice to run into kife, airbag and kul-kat!

i must say that i'm sad that pure phunk is ending...it's a shame! i've been to almost every single event since they began a year and a half ago and purephunk has made such an impact on the t.o. breaks scene! now where will i go on fridays to hear breaks??!!! thanks to dan and everyone involved in purephunk for all the fun over the past year and a half!!