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Syrous Sessions - Last Night @ NV - Feb. 1st, 2002


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Syrous Sessions - Last Night @ NV!

This Friday, February 1st, 2002 will be the last Syrous Sessions @ NV Nightclub.

For this night, it's all about the local workhorses... the unsung heroes of the D&B scene.

Everfresh (On Point Records, Toronto)
This DJ is easily one of the most underrated DJ's in Toronto. The newest tunes, the tightest mixes everytime. Everfresh never disappoints.

i.n.s. (Torontojungle.com, Eastern Bloc Records)
A new workhorse in the Toronto D&B scene. As part of the Torontojungle.com crew, i.n.s. has been holding it down as a friendly face behind the counter at Eastern Bloc records. This DJ will be turning heads in the near future. Come see what all the hype is about!

Special attractions for this final night:

- 1 Floor = 1 Vibe
- Cheap drinks before midnight
- Cheap cover

Ladies Free Before 11:30!

before 12:00
$10.00 after 12:00

NV Nightclub
230 Adelaide St. W. (Adelaide & Peter St.)

Doors open @ 10:00


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god bless.
i hated the NV niteclub.

oh i miss turbo