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Syrous Sessions - Jan. 25th - The Battle Of The GTA!


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Syrous Sessions - January 25th, 2002

The Battle Of The GTA!
Brampton vs. The Beaches

Finally, the two D&B centers of the GTA go head to head for supremacy!

Mystical Influence & Unknown Souljah


Slip & Slide

Who will come out on top?


And in the breaks lounge:

Robb G (Promo Records, Eastern Bloc)

D-Monic (1Groove.com, Eastern Bloc)

Kick (Toronto's only female breaks DJ, Breakfest)


Ladies Free Before 11:30

$10.00 before Midnight
$15.00 after Midnight

NV Nightclub - 230 Adelaide St. W. - 19+ Event
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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And then people say there is no unity in the dnb scene


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Upstairs (East York vs Wherever Robb G lives)

D-Monic vs Robb G in a steel cage match. We can cage them into the side area upstairs at NV.

D-Monic has a few pounds over Robb, but its always the tall, skinny guys that suprise you in a fight!

Any bets?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by 007:
Upstairs (East York vs Wherever Robb G lives)</font>

East York Massive Inside!!!! Boooooooo!

Ima kick Robb's ass all the way back to the Annex...

But back to the topic at hand...

MC's Added for the night!

Representing the Beaches: Caddy Cad
Representing Brampton: Bandit

It's gonna be a party y'all!

(Rumour has it that Slip & Slide have locked themselves in the studio and are working on exclusive Dub's just for this night!)
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