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Syrous Sessions - Jan. 18th - DJ STORM (UK)


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Syrous Sessions - January 18th, 2002

Syrous Sessions is pleased to welcome back one of the UK's Queen's of the jungle!

(Metalheadz, Valve, UK)

Mystical Influence (Vinyl Syndicate, Toronto)
Marcus (Visionary, Toronto)

And in the Breaks Lounge:
2 Wars & a Revolution night!

Featuring: Incredible Melting Man & Myagi

Ladies Free Before 11:00
(Special Event Pricing In Effect)
NV Nightclub - 230 Adelaide St. W. - 19+ Event


Syrous Sessions - January 25th, 2002

The Battle Of The GTA! Brampton vs. The Beaches

Finally, the two D&B centers of the GTA go head to head for supremacy!

Mystical Influence & Unknown Souljah vs. Slip & Slide

Who will come out on top?


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Miss MacBeal:
3 guesses?????

1)booty house

Ick... that would be a nightmare...

But anyways...

Storm is in the country!

The 2Wars & A Revolution guys have come through yet again...

For the first bunch of people in the door, they have secured some cool giveaways that I'm sure a bunch of you on this board will appreciate.

These giveaways include:
- a package of 'Smoking' Rolling papers
- Fuel Energy bars

and for later in the night, T-Shirts, stickers, toys and CD's!

You're getting your money's worth tonight!

(and, there's a rumor that Storm MAY be making an appearence on EC tonight...)