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Syrous Sessions - Jan. 18th - 2Wars Night!

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by D-Monic, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member


    Syrous Sessions - January 18th, 2002

    Syrous Sessions is pleased to welcome back one of the UK's Queen's of the jungle!

    (Metalheadz, Valve, UK)

    Mystical Influence (Vinyl Syndicate, Toronto)
    Marcus (Visionary, Toronto)

    And in the Breaks Lounge:
    2 Wars & a Revolution night!

    Featuring: Incredible Melting Man & Myagi

    Ladies Free Before 11:00
    (Special Event Pricing In Effect)
    NV Nightclub - 230 Adelaide St. W. - 19+ Event


    Syrous Sessions - January 25th, 2002

    The Battle Of The GTA! Brampton vs. The Beaches

    Finally, the two D&B centers of the GTA go head to head for supremacy!

    Mystical Influence & Unknown Souljah vs. Slip & Slide

    Who will come out on top?



    DJ MONKEY TRIBE Promoter

    No offence to the 2wars crew, but they are locals not headliners. Why would people pay headliner prices when they don't get to see a headliner?

    At least put some effort into it guys!
  3. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    Yeah, cause we all know that the internationally acclaimed vetran producer Melting Man plays here every week, right? NO.

    It's rare to get Melting Man out of the studio these days. That makes this a special event... oh, that and the free giveaways I forgot to mention.

    And what? Locals can't headline a party? That's the mentality that pisses me off... "Oh, they're just locals... they must not be able to rock it as well as out of town DJ's"
  4. Sugar D

    Sugar D TRIBE Promoter

    That's a load of "Monkey" crap..

    Why shouldn't Melting Man be a headliner?
    He's a world-class Producer who just happens to be a local.

    DJ MONKEY TRIBE Promoter

    I don't thing it's that rare. I can think of at least 10 flyers he was on for t.o or Hamilton.
    And I didn't say they couldn't headline, just don't charge $15-$20 for it.

    I think that there was a headliner booked for D+B, someone got lazy and didn't book a Headliner for the Breaks room so they booked the cheapest, next best thing, the a+r person of Canada's biggest breaks label.

    I'm just saying put some effort into it, or the breaks room will close AGAIN!

    Oh !and locals can rock rooms,BLC,Robb G, Saddler.
  6. kick

    kick TRIBE Member

    ooh! will there be Feul bars again?!!

  7. headwinds

    headwinds TRIBE Promoter

    Aren't people paying $15 to see Storm as the headliner? the fact that the breaks lounge(martini anyone?) featuresthe Incredible Melting Man & Myagi is an added bonus to the night. And define local? both breaks djs aren't from (nor live in) toronto - actually isnt Czech now considered local???

    Personally, I'd rather pay $15 to see Monkey headline with a strong local cast of breaks djs....i think his head is just big enough.
  8. Barrie Breaker

    Barrie Breaker TRIBE Member

    In Monkey's defense.....

    The reason I wouldn't go to Turbo's breaks night was because I would have to pay a huge cover knowing full well it was for the Jungle headliner.

    I completely understand that it has to be done that way. That's the downside to having two different types of music playing in the same club. I agree with the view that I would not want to pay full price for a headliner in a room that I wouldn't even go to just so I can gain access to the breaks room.

    Once again, I don't have a solution to the problem but I do recognize that it IS a problem for me at least. I think it's a good idea to have choices but unfortunately some people inevitably will get the shitty end of the stick unless you have big headliners in both rooms. That's just my two cents and from my personal experience. I think you have to do what you're doing but there are definately downsides to those who only prefer one genre over another.

    And I'm not saying I will boycott this night....rather just letting you know that I see what Matt is saying and agree on some level.
  9. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    Shawna: Ladies Free Before 11:00... just thought I'd throw that in again...

    Bottom line here is people just aren't coming out as much anymore. Cover's are high for that reason alone. If I did book a huge breaks headliner for this night, then the cover would be closer to $25 & $30... if that was the case then everyone would complain about the cover.

    What's wrong with putting the spotlight on Canada's biggest breaks label? And giving away free stuff? And supporting our Top producers?

    And Monkey, I think Melting Man played in Toronto a whopping 5 times (if that... I can only think of 2 times, and once in Hamilton) in the year 2001... it is rare to get him out.

    DJ MONKEY TRIBE Promoter

    Didn't he play a month ago at NV at Normal Cover?

    DJ MONKEY TRIBE Promoter

    And having a headliner in each room would not double the cover, each room should draw enough to for there own headliner.

    Nice try though. and any one in the GTA area is a local.

    Keep gettn' worked up guys I love it!
  12. Barrie Breaker

    Barrie Breaker TRIBE Member

    Ahhh yes....ladies free before 11:00. Thanks for the reminder. It seems too good to be true!!

    I think the night is great and I think everyone should try to make it out as much as they can. I don't even know much about Incredible Melting Man. I'm sure he's awesome.

    If you were going to mix any two types of music in one club...Jungle and Breaks make the most sense to me. Unfortunately, there seems to be way more jungle headliners. Ahh well....beggars can't be choosers. ha ha I'm just so glad the night is still going on!

  13. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    Interesting debate here! I didn't want to get involved, but I just can't resist.

    I think Monkey put it best with this comment:

    It just seems fair, don't it? Each room should draw enough... in a perfect world.

    But at the end of the day, it's an issue of money...

    If Syrous did fly in an out of town breaks headliner, would enough people come to cover the booking costs? The answer is most definitely NO. Freddy Fresh taught us that. DJ Love taught us that. If you people want breaks 'headliners', you're going to have to start showing up when one is booked.

    Breaks promoting is a lose-lose situation these days... It's sad but true.
  14. Angus Robinson

    Angus Robinson TRIBE Member

    Oh, and by the way...

    will there be breaks on the 25th? there's no mention of it on the flyer. It doesn't even say "alongside D-Monic and guests in the breaks lounge" or anything.

    just curious.
  15. headwinds

    headwinds TRIBE Promoter

    As madhatter mentioned, DJ Love & Freddy Fresh failed to bring in crowds. Are there any headlining pure breaks DJs who could pull off a successful night??? So who are the international breaks djs that could possibly headline in toronto worthy of $15 cover? worthy=little risk of losing money

    What about bringing in djs who also spin breaks like DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, or Paul Oakenfold? have these djs who rarely fail to pack the house as the headliner.

    Or hey move the breaks djs to another club...this is a great opportunity for any budding promoters to pick up where pure phunk left off.....its such a shame about love sexxy....but this city is filled with other more legit sketchpads, even some classy lounges like Sambuca or Lincoln.
  16. The Electrician

    The Electrician TRIBE Promoter

    Good post Monkey.

    I think people should come out to support the Syrous night this friday...

    Melting Man is a sick Dj he's one of the tightest mixing Dj's I've seen play... Myagi is a Great Big Beat/Funky Break dj who is definitly going to be making a mark for himself even more than he has already with his production...

    Just go out everyone... Jesus... LoL

  17. !Myagi!

    !Myagi! TRIBE Member

    WOW - finally a post with some real SUBSTANCE to its debate!!!!!

    OK - in defence of so-called "locals," lets go through a very brief list of accompishments here (the ones i know of anyway - if i leave someone out, sorry)......the only reason why i do this is to show just how spoiled the "local" scene is.....

    Melting Man - D2D-ex, heading up one of the best organized, far-reaching labels to grow in our home turf, besides being an amazing DJ, he has kudos from (obviously) big names like Scissorkicks, and H2K is 3rd Mint Royale's all-time fave chart.

    Robb G is ambitious as fuck, and besides showcasing amazing production talent from the likes of Simon Paul and D-monic, he still manages to get his own tracks out globally, and create influential remixes that are charting both here and in the UK.

    D-Monic has done done both pure phunk radio and pure phunk events, bringing in the best international breaks talent and putting locals up beside them, as well as getting is shit together production wise and actually making waves with his demon killa remixes and his track on the torontobreaks.com EP

    Jelo has made a massive impact in the last year, with chaos bringer and effective going off to moonshine, and the crity thumper remixes climing to !!!#4!!! on satellite records.com's hot chart about a month ago.

    I've only been around a short time (in terms of getting out there anyway), but, not to blow my own horn, my record got remixed by CZECH, Melting Man, and Simon Paul, came in #1 in the Stickman pool when it was released, and is getting acclaim across north america and the uk.

    All of the above are "local producers" who have seen there careers expand massively in the last while...and i hate to say it, but it seems in some ways like people don't realize quite what they have here.

    Guys - we're fucking DJ's - and often you can listen to a set by the worlds best and by a "local" and only hear about 5 tracks difference.

    Local should not be a BAD word - its something to be proud of, especially when the locals you are referring to are producing their own tracks, remixing other peoples, and getting their names out on records, not just flyers, which is an added step in the creative process i hope everyone else can find the time and energy to do.

    Bad attitudes just make a good thing sour, and people should realize that these "locals" are headliners when they go elsewhere...and treated like such. If it wern't for people who were trying to change things and push into new territory, the scene would stagnate - give people the recognition they deserve, because artists shouldn't be made to feel like 2nd class citizens in their own town.

  18. The Electrician

    The Electrician TRIBE Promoter

    I couldnt have put that better myself.... =)


    DJ MONKEY TRIBE Promoter

    It doesn't take much to create a little hype aroud a night does it [​IMG]

    Now you just have to get the word on the street.

    DJ-strin'it up-MONKEY!
  20. 007

    007 TRIBE Member


    I don't think your statement about "someone getting lazy" is really fair! You should really think things through before you post them. I've discussed this night with you before because I value your opinion. You know the constraints that running a night with two types of music creates, but that's part of what the night is all about -- showcasing more then one style of music.

    I also know that you are aware that some of the points you are making,

    are not always possible. This does not happen (DJ Love & Freddy Fresh for example). You may not like them, but that doesn't mean that they do not fall into what most consider the "headliner" catagory. The truth is that Toronto's spoiled! They don't realize that such talent (equal or better) is available in their own backyard, so they sit at home and wait to come out on a night when the DJ on the flyer has (UK) beside their name. You know this! So why are you busting balls?

    Let's look at it this way --Your complaining about the price. How much did you charge to get in at your last party? $10 (I believe). You had a great line-up and it was a lot of fun. Well, if you come out on Friday, you can see two excellent breaks DJ's (regardless of being locals or not), one of the bigger names in the drum and bass (DJ Storm), Mystical and Marcus for $5 dollars more then your party.

    That doesn't seem unreasonable to me! If the "locals" nights were being supported at all, perhaps we could drop the price a little bit, but that's not the case. So I don't really think its fair to complain about the price!

    But I guess it doesn't matter because when everyone who hasn't been coming out shows up on Friday, they are all going to think they will get in for free anyways!

    Matt P

    P.S. - When is the last time you paid for an event anyways? [​IMG]
  21. Pure Silk

    Pure Silk TRIBE Member

    I used to be a regular at these breaks events but to tell you the truth the reason I don't go anymore is simple


    I would go to parties and always see the same local dj's all the time

    (it doesn't mean they weren't great because I think their great it's just I'd always see the same 4 - 5 all the time)

    and I would always come out if they brought a headliner

    Baby Anne, Czech, etc.

    but did anybody ever think the reason why no one has been showing up is because maybe no wants to see

    Freddy fresh, or DJ Love

    personally I can't ever remember buying a Freddy Fresh record

    and from what I remember of Dj love's productions, it was very boring Florida

    I wasn't there buy I heard when Freestylers came to town the turnout was quite good..

    same with krafty cuts...

    I think if you bring down the right headliner at the right time you could really pack-up a night club...


    Plump DJ's....I bet everybody in this disscussion owns at least 3 of these guys tracks or remixes yet they never been to toronto

    Stanton Warriors....again great production duo in multiply genres who also released a mixed CD that was charted the years best buy several top Magazines

    I know thru word of mouth that one of the reasons these Dj's mentioned have not been to Toronto is that these they are very expensive to book and also demand their payment in UK sterling (pounds)

    but if it is to see great talent I would personnally not find it being a problem paying extra ie. ( $20 - $25 ) to see somebody like that

    my two cents...............


    UKG Rules [​IMG]

    DJ MONKEY TRIBE Promoter

    Matt, My last Party was $5. And I'm not busting balls, I turn a tread that didn't get a post in three days into 15 in 24hrs.

    I love locals, never had a headliner once at my parties.

    I knew if I took a stab at locals people would get worked up, and maybe realize what they had forgotten, T.O. Breaks Rock!
  23. justin surdit

    justin surdit TRIBE Member

    actually, one of the plumps is not allowed into Canada, last I heard, due to a conviction that he has on his record - whether or not it is still in effect, I am not sure, but they have been slated before to come to Canada, and one of them wasn't allowed over...

    Anyways, this is a redundant argument, but I will add that simply saying that people wont come out unless they see a (UK) beside the name is a weak-ass argument - although an import will always draw bigger crowds, its for a reason - case in point: dj hyper and/or freq nasty - (side note - props to backbreakers for continually bringing the goods) - DONT EVEN THINK FOR A SECOND THAT THE TORONTO LOCALS CAN HOLD A CANDLE TO EITHER OF THESE TWO (no offense to the locals) - they have both been instrumental in the progression of the GLOBAL breaks scene for several, produce sick ass tracks, several of which I would consider to be GROUND-BREAKING, and always show up with a fresh stack of dubplates.....sorry, but given the choice, I would rather pay the $10-$15 and drive to Hamilton to see a dj of that calibre, than drive up to toronto, to pay just as much, or more money, and see some bullshit headliner like DJ Love, or to cover the cost of the D&B headliner.
    Not to diss the locals, but I can see them when they open for/play after the headliner, and I have no complaints about that, they always do a great job. But, there are only so many times you can see the same rotation, and for a person like me, who has to drive up from the Niagara Region, going to a night like they HAD at Turbo, and now at NV is just a collosal waste of time, money and energy.

    Not to piss anyone off, but if you were in my shoes, I'm sure you would prolly see things that way as well. Yeah, TO breaks are good - they will compare to dj's like freddy fresh and dj love, but give your head a shake, the calibre that backbreakers are bringing in puts the toronto nights to shame.

  24. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    I don't believe I just read that.

    1) The only thing Hyper and Freq have on us is tunes.
    2) Hyper is a good DJ, Freq is average at best
    3) Comparing Hyper and Freq to DJ Love and Freddy Fresh (A LEGEND) is like comparing apples and oranges.

    Freq Nasty had great tunes and a great energy when he played in Hamilton last, but his mixing was sloppy and he pushed that mixer to the point where the sound was distorted.

    Hyper gets the tunes, and he can mix... but I found his set to be boring. (He'll be playing on my show on the Monday following the Hamilton show so I'll give a better critique of that)

    I'd rather hear Madhatter play. He's one of the best technical DJ's in the city, and he gets the tunes, AND he plays a variety. I'd also rather hear Dave Saddler (my personal favorite in the city). Technically brilliant everytime, and again... variety.

    Plus, it is all bandwagonism. If on any given night I played a set like Hyper or Freq played, the dancefloor will clear. How do I know? I've done it on purpose many times to prove my point! Guess I need a (UK) next to my name.

    FYI: DJ Love is the best FUNKY breaks DJ's around. Ever. Period. His mixes are always bang on, he scratches like a champ, and he's a nice guy to boot.

    Double FYI: Freddy Fresh is a legend and has done more for breaks than Freq or Hyper could ever even hope to do. He's been playing for close to 20 years and has a much, much broader range then the one-tracked sounds of Freq and Hyper. The set he played at NV was unbelieveable. The set spanned all types of breaks... hip-hop, hardcore, nu-school, funky, big beat, latin, and shit I've never heard before.

    This entire thread is one of the reasons why Pure Phunk closed. I don't see the point in throwing parties anymore. No matter what the promoters do, it's just not good enough.

  25. !Myagi!

    !Myagi! TRIBE Member

    TOTAL agreement with dan about F.Fresh - anyone who knows anything about the history of breaks, and dance music in general will know that he has been one of the most namechecked and influential, not to mention prolific artists that ever existed....the guy has more releases under his belt than Norman Cook, and that says a LOT.

    As for the Freq Nasty issue, as much as I LOVE his productions, I doubt I would pay more than the given amount for a "local" night to see him play....i have about 4 of his sets and they're fun, with great track selection, but the beatmatching ranges from adequate to shoddy and embarassing...the initials UK DONT always mean skill - and don't confuse your own peronal taste in regards to track selection with how someone rates as a DJ. I love Madhatters sets, but you'll rarely find me dancing to them - i just appreciate the fact that he's a fuckin awesome DJ.

    And apparently people didn't grasp what the jist of my above post acutally was. Do you think that the great breaks nights at places like the fridge in brixton, the boutique in brighton and the heavenly social in london took off because of headliners? Think again. It's about building a vibe, and unless you believe that you can produce viable talent that can stand up with the best, you'll just continue to play host to key players from other scenes.

    Then again, maybe im confusing my own optimisim and love of music with the fact that im not bitter, jaded and selective about nights that i get the opportunity to attend.

    Once again, sorry if i offended anyone, i really doubt that i did (except maybe freq nasty), but if i did, its nothing personal - im sure if you read the above post you'd understand my nature.

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