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Syrous Bittersweet



Wow it hasn't even begun yet. Arn't you jinxing the whole event by doing that. Well if none of the headliners show up and the cops shut it down at 4. We all know who to blame.
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just got home, nice to see SO many faces of friends I had not seen in ages!
big up the syrous crew for holding it down, and rekindling some faith.

Dj Dan was ok, nice to hear hard shit over cheese, but where's the funk???

Andy C was ok, but I didn't care for the MC too much...


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this post is by CC

for some reason, the computer is logged in as Moez....

...anyways, party review is as follows....

andy came through and proved why he's such a huge dj. he works really hard and he has some wicked tunes. he doesn't do things the easy way at all and he's so good at surprising you with new tunes. best example was some of the latin stuff he was spinning; it comes out of nowhere, and then all of a sudden, he turns it all dark again. although this was the worst i've seen him play, he's still the best. he has this way of mixing and teasing tunes that is so fun to watch. this part of the night was a treat.

... on to dj dan... now i know it's tough to turn a jungle room into a house room. but that aside, he had an opportunity to make or break the party. if it was to be one of those very special nights that you remember forget, he was going to have to play well. and he did nothing of the sort. i can't believe how being he was. no heart or soul to any of the tunes, and the mixing was way too safe to appreciate from him. this is where i started getting tired. dj dan did nothing to keep my attention.

i can say this about the party overall: it was pretty fun and it was produced very well. lights were pretty good. sound was good for the docks. andy was good, as was stretch & hooker and marcus. good reviews from me. next time i would just rather see less mcs and a little better dj dan.



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I just walked in the door, and all that I can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT! This party rocked, and I am so glad that I decided to make the drive back home from Windsor for it:D .
When we first arrived at the Docks and became part of the crazy car line up I, started to get a little worried as to the croud that might be showing up. The line up for parking was nuts, but as soon as we got out and looked at the line up to get in to the party, I totally calmed down...pre party anxiety diminished!
So the important part, THE MUSIC WAS UNBELIEVABLE! I have not heard such wicked tunes in a long long time. I was so impressed by it all I really don't know what else to say. Jelo and Myka played crazy sets to warm it up, and then Dan absolutely stole the show. He and Barbara rocked the show for sure. I really think that Barbara is better in a party setting then in a small club setting, because the energy that she produces is just spread throughout the croud!
It was also wicked to see all the people I never get to see anymore; Maxine,Jess,Julie,Jeff,Michelle,Amy,Dave, Sherene, and the old Lifeforce crew!
This party should totally go down in the history books! Mad props to all those involved!

Now it is just a question as to when the hell I am going to fall asleep:eek:


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Originally posted by eco.R1
I'm home from the PARTY and all I have to say is.............FINALLY!


i just want to clarify.......by "FINALLY!" i mean "FINALLY, AN EVENT WENT OFF!!!!"

i had a blast. unfortunately i have to work from noon until 6pm on sunday. if you're in the neighbourhood, stop by eastern bloc to see if i'm still awake........!
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Originally posted by Moez
dj dan did nothing to keep my attention.

what party did you attend? j/k

i thought the sets were excellent, but "rumour" has it that the monitors in the main room were acting up for most of the night.


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FUCK ME!!!!!

that was sooooooo good and i am not generally a fan of "parties". i'm liking the 19+ idea :)

i am in love with misstress barbara!!!! such a good dj. i don't think i have ever danced that hard in my life. i might have whiplash.

anyways......i can't really see what i'm typing so.....


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only complaint: that wierd room switchover where i was forced to listen to jungle against my will for 5 minutes. it just does my head in, not that it's not a viable form of music and all.......:p

feisty boy

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andy c owns.
end of story.

he lost the flow for a while in the middle (monitor problems to blame, apparently), but got it back with some smooth latin remixes and such, and then brought it in evil and hard to finish.
always teasing, always layering - number 1 for a reason.

what was up with the lack of ANYTHING in the other 2 rooms? the breaks room - my living room has a louder system than that! and the jungle room was just a black hole. kind of a let down, after such a long absence, that no real effort seems to have been made to spruce up the venue. too bad.

a friendly vibe - loving the 19+.
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talking about this element or that element of the event wouldn't do it justice. there's no way the sum of the parts equalled the whole.

a huge effort, a huge event - huge respect and love to all the people involved for doing it the way we all know in our hearts it should be done.

as someone else said: "finally."



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Finally the party everyone's been waiting for...the return of the big Syrous party!
Got there when Marcus was on in the main room, and he threw down a ROUGH set!! It got the crowd moving for sure. Andy C came on next with a lot of anticipation in the air. His first few tracks were sick...but after that, the next half an hour or so was reeeaaallly boring. I was shocked...Andy usually throws down hard from the get go. The next 45 minutes were OK, as he seemed to be building momentum. But the last 45 minutes of his set was pure Executioner styles!! Took him awhile to get warmed up, but when he finally did, he was on fire. Sick mix after sick mix, and some great party tracks dropped. And of course he dropped the manditory Alien Girl tease. ;) I was surprised when Andy slowed it down and played some Brazillian ish like Jorge Ben & Toquinho's "LK". And he shocked me when he played High Constrast's "Return of Forever". I never thought I'd hear that track at a big party...but Andy mixed it in flawlessly. GQ and L Natural got the crowd moving...and they seemed to be having a great time on stage.

DJ Dan came on after Andy...and I loved how L kept MCing over the start of Dan's set. :) Dan started off hard...but then became very boring, very quickly. He didn't hold my interest so I left to wander between rooms. All three rooms were packed, but there was always enough room to dance.
I came back into the main room as Mistress Barbara came on the decks. Right from the start, she was "relentless"!! Her hard, pumping techno brought the house down...she had me pumping my first for real. And that was the perfect cue to call it a night.
Overall, the return of Syrous was huge. They pulled off a proper 19+ event, with sick music, and great vibes running through the place! Hopefully it's a sign of things to come.


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Who uses shuttlebusses any more?

W.O.W. is the perfect word to describe this party..

Going to this party I tried not to have too many expectations but at the same time I had reserved much faith for it. Faith in the sense that if a 19+ event that occurs on the eve of 2 other large parties, and had headlining drum'n'bass talent can pack a venue like the docks, then my faith is restored in knowing that even though we have grown up somewhat, our loyalty is still there and a 19+ demographic can bring enough support to the table to perpetuate the party scene in a good way.


So on our way down Cherry street my buddy Rick & I notice a bottleneck at the entrance to Polson st. A bottlneck of cars that is. It seems that the old rave shuttlebus crowd has transitioned into the drive yo damn self crowd cuz there were huge lineups for parking.. but lineups to me always increase anticipation of the party that's facilitating them.

We park, we get in in time for Andy C's second tune. We get drinks and proceed to get as close to the president as possible.. hanging on his every bassdrop we keep drinking while running into tonnes of friendly familiar faces and cool conversations..

I visited the TBK area periodically which was in the back area of the lounge. I felt like telling all you.. psst. guys, it's 19+.. we can drink elsewhere y'know.. but you all looked like you were havin too much fun groovin to the broken beats, so I left you alone. But it was a comforting sight to see you all.

Went back to nurse from Andy's riddims and although at the top of his second hour there was a slight low point in tuneage quality, I must say for the most part of his set you saw my hand in the air, my ass wigglin from side to side, and a huge smile on my face.. the man I came to see delivered. And did he ever. I chuckled hard when while DJ DAN was gearing up, record and headphones in hand, some guy loitering the barrier asked him if he would mind playing some drum & bass. Hahahahaha.

After Andy was done, we, like true tramen heads, went to the back room to check out our local brotherly dynamic duo, Mystical & Sniper. Although their set was decent enough to get the room bouncin every which way, after a while Rick & I were startin to lose our groove and wanted to end the party off while we were still on a (natural) high note. So we decided to leave, and so marks one of the best nights I've had in a long time. And who would of thunkit, at a Rave of all places? ;)

And if your wondering if my faith was liberated...
Most definately fucking YES!

P.S. I was glad to hear that Purple Heaven & Hulla did welll too.
It tells me that Toronto still has a healthy bunch of troopers.

Thanx Syrous, Lifeforce, Aaron ahn cru.
Happy B.Day Dave Maz you fucking monkey! :)
Rick I love you, Deep.. never fails.. sorry for the loss.



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Very nice party. Best one in a long time.

Andy C was sick...and I don't even listen to DnB on a regular. He had my shaking my ass 2x fast baby!

DJ dan was stellar, as always - hitting it up hard and funky in his usual style and savvy. Very cool meeting him briefly, too.

Sound was nice and loud, and pretty clear considering the space it had to fill. Lights and visuals were tasteful, and entertaining.

Good to see all the usual crew at the year's first biggie.

Shouts go to Steve, Wayne, Robbie, Tyler, Big Jo and the rest of the LifeForce crew for tossing us another good 'un. Nice job boys.

Big shouts out to that special someone, who found yet another way to warm my heart tonight. With a little help from the board, too. Love ya Jo.

See y'all at the next one!

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*+lady bass+*

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it makes me happy to see that the toronto scene is still alive and kicking.
3 parties of different styles of music went off last night and all three were a success from what i have read so far.
i didnt get to go to this party because i was djing at Purple Heaven (which was also awesome). looks like i missed a good one though.
cant wait for the next party like this one...can anyone say Connected?:)

<smiles at all the happy ravers>

lady bass


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all in all a pretty good night. i came mostly to see dj dan. that had to be the hardest i've ever heard him drop it before, i didn't recognize many of the tunes. he wasn't as funky as i seen him in the past which was a little disappointing.

syrous crew, you guys really did a good job of putting on the event. didn't take long to get in, coat check wasn't as bad as i thought it would, and there was room to dance freely if you looked for it. thanks guys.



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Thanks Saro for the grand entrance
Thanks Deep for apologizing
Thanks Janiecakes for freakin ME OUT!! (how did you know?)
Thanks Andy for tearing the place apart (and makin my ears bleed)
Thanks Rob for not laughing



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Originally posted by deep

I think tranceaholic has copyright on all '______ is god' statements... well the t-shirts at least.

I'm sorry I missed her :(
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