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Syrous 9 Year

The Peej

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I will also be posting in full tomorrow... as I am too sketchy to be typing.... I will say this though... The Kool Haus is very well air conditioned... and The party never realy got rammed... So we all had crazy spaciousness!!!.... Everyone had their "dancin' shoes" on in full effect.... Crazy mad new moves busted by a many last night... yours truly included.... Wikkid Times....

Peej ( Oh and P.S.... I'm writing this from the origional vibes pad... Next Stop!!! HOT TUB!!!!! hehehe )


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tHAT was a fucking fun party.....HYPE WAS SICK....(although he didnt play the new shy fx/tpower track.)....im gona say that i am going to write more later but in all honesy i never will so whatever.....

shot outs to tyler and jose for being very co-operative and letting me film for my dvd project....and thanx to Danny for doing lots of the filming!



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MY GOD! what a great event! Im really hungover right now so I dont feel much like typing but a FANTASTIC event this was. Great Decor, Great vibe, great music, great capacity god it was all just great. worth every cent. I love you syrous, you never dissapoint!

more later
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...oh no...I have to be the bad guy...sort of....there were lots of good things:people i have not seen in a while, a banging soundsystem, and just being at a jungle party for the first time in awhile frankly.....


first off....frig as soon as Hype was done almost all of the jungle heads bolted out of there like they were running for their lives, leaving a party that already was..hmmm....maybe not quite as packed a sit should be...now I admit that at the peak of Hype's set it was fairly busy, and I know that the Kool Haus is a big space even with some of it curtained off....but.....


...I'v never really been one for the "it gives us room to dance" thing...I would rather have less room and tighter vibes....

...I dunno its a werid thing for companies right now...if it was all ages you could have had all the kiddies out...but that risks pissing off the older heads...and I guess since this was an older company more thought should be given to the 19+ crew....still...just a couple hundred more heads and I would be giving it straight thumbs up....

...congrats to Syrous and hopefully this year we will see some events between the anniversary parties....


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...I'v never really been one for the "it gives us room to dance" thing...I would rather have less room and tighter vibes....

...congrats to Syrous and hopefully this year we will see some events between the anniversary parties.... [/B][/QUOTE]

Thats pretty much says it all to me man



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I was glad to hear Lnatural say the name Chris Smart, even if it was just once. Hes the one responsible. Big Up!

I was a little worried when I walked in there at 11.
Usually for a Syrous Anniversary, there woulda been a lineup around the corner and up yonge st.

The place filled up by the time Hype got on, effortlessly scratching as if he was half asleep, oblivious to what was happening around him.

People seemed to have a good time, I left right after hype, as did half the crowd.

Good night overall. Big Thanks to Jesse Original Vibe, Filet, Kornflake, Lushious, Vigs and Saro.


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It was only a matter of time before the most pretigioius promotion company made its long-awaited return after a year's hiatus from their birthday gatherings. (of course not including 'Bittersweet') No other drum & bass DJ could best represent a Syrous 9 Year Anniversary other than the True Playaz frontman himself, DJ HYPE! The year wouldn't be complete without his annual visit to Toronto. Welcome back Syrous!

Being held at the lavish and spacious Koolhaus provided much ease and comfort to all the 19+ clientele. Very well ventilated and spacious. Arrived at the venue nearing 10:30pm only to find a vast majority of space; I guess it was still early. Lack of patrons at this time made trips to the bar very rapid. :D Can't forget to commend all crew involved in decorating the place. Noticed some admirable lighting, superior ornaments, standard visuals, as well as a secluded chill space. Not bad at all.

DJ lineup for this event catered to both drum & bass enthusiasts and breakbeat fanatics. The night was split up nicely; pleasing most jungle listeners as drum & bass was up for the first half of the night. Mystical Influence was wrapping up his set as we entered the place. Sniper came on afterwards and flaunted his unique cutting abilities mixing up a few good oldies from a couple of years ago. Caddy Cad as always bigging it up large on the mic. Marcus Visionary as always doing a first-rate job warming up the crowd for the main headliner. A set full of flawless mixing, brilliant teasing, and some nice crowd favourites.

By this time, the KoolHaus was pretty crowded. Next up was the highlight of the night, the one like DJ Hype. Known for his unique scratching abilities to jungle as well as being a veteran of the scene since its beginning; a true pioneer! The man has caught attention worldwide launching his own True Playaz label, producing very distinct material as well as exclusive dubs never to see the light of day. His set started off quite nicely with some heavy stormers but sadly started to die down halfway through. A few pleasant scratches here and there added some thrill to his patented mixing. L Natural kept the vibe going for the crowd.

To all curious trainspotters, tracklisting as follows:

1) ?Full Cycle? - ???
2) Zinc/ShyFX feat. Di - Ska Your Body
3) Dillinja - Twist 'Em Out <rewind>
4) )E|B( - The Hornet
5) Moving Fusion - Chili Pepper
6) Roni Size - Playtime <rewind>
<tease> Hype feat. UK Apache - Nuttah Hype Accappella VIP <tease>
7) Kryptic Minds - The Truth (Gabba Remix)
<tease> )E|B( - The Nine <tease>
8) Dillinja - Roughneck Sound Remix
9) ?True Playaz? - ???
10) )E|B( - Snowcats
11) Moving Fusion - Back To The Future
12) Dillinja/Lemon D - Bassline Rolling Inside The Venue <rewind>
<tease> )E|B( - Planet Dust <tease>
13) Total Science - Champion Sound (Hardcore Will Never Die Remix)
14) Hype - Super Sharp Shooter/Ready Or Not Hybrid Mega Mix <rewind> ***no DJ Hype set would be complete without this tune***
15) Dillinja - ???
16) )E|B( - Torpedos <rewind>
17) Rawhill Cru feat. Navigator & Spyda - Start The Fire ()E|B( Remix) <rewind>
<tease> Roni Size - Trust Me <tease>
18) ?Full Cycle? - ???
<tease> Bubba Sparxx - Ugly Accappella <tease>
19) J Majik - Capuera <rewind>
20) Marky & XRS - LK (Roni Size Remix?)
21) ?True Playaz? - ???
22) ??? - ???
23) ?RAM? - ???
24) The Streets - Has It Come To This (High Contrast Remix)
25) Dillinja - Live or Die <rewind x 2>

Now I know I'm being over-analytical, but Hype's set was pretty average. He has been known throughout the the past years to smash things up in Toronto. However, Hyped seemed very effortless. A couple of bad trainwrecks could have been caused by faulty skipping needles. Mixing wasn't really up to Hype's standards. As mentioned before, he started off nicely and slowly died down halfway through. I'm not sure if it was just me that noticed, but that what it seemed like to me.

I've only been supporting Syrous for almost 3.5 years but they have been the finest company around specializing in drum & bass. Glad you guys have been around for 9 years. Here's hoping for another 10 years no matter what! Congratulations Robbie and all the Syrous crew involved.

Respect goes out to Tryan, Rick, Luisa, Hovig, Saro, Derek, Danny, & Jesse. Much thanks goes out to DS-Juan for the cd.



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I had a good time last night
I haven't been to that venue in a long long time
Actually the last party I went to there was an Effective party
I liked the no line-up ... walking right in is always a plus
My decision to go was completely last minute so I didn't really have an expectations
All in all it was a good party ... music was good ... people were having fun
So I'm not going to complain
Hype was alright ... but I've never been a big fan
His set wasn't anything special but it was nice
Robb G and D-monic tore it up as usual
It was bad that all the little junglists left right when Hype was done ... but what can you do
Thanks to the one like D-Monic for convincing me to drag my ass out of the burbs to come to this party
And thanks for introducing me to people ;)

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Pure Silk

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No one has mentioned


how did his set go??

Hearing that the turnout wasn't good is to be expected..cause they didn't have a HOUSE and/or Techno room at this party

hopefully this isn't the last one!!


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I wanted to stay to see him
But I was way too tired to stick around
He was the last dj on ... and I don't very many people stuck around for him


Dr. Grinch

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What was the tune that Marcus opened his set with?
Totally jazzy tune, female vocal. Builds a lot but never drops into a sick breakbeat.
Nice tune.
Marcus dropped some pretty ill science last night for sure.
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Originally posted by Dr. Grinch
What was the tune that Marcus opened his set with?
Totally jazzy tune, female vocal. Builds a lot but never drops into a sick breakbeat.
Nice tune.
Marcus dropped some pretty ill science last night for sure.
I cant remember if it was the intro or not but he dropped a dub featuring the vocals of Jenna Anderson who is the vocalist from the "let me know rmx"


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As I said before this party even went down...There was no balance in the line-up and the Syrous crew should have expected a less then Bittersweet turnout because of this...Like seriously doesn't Toronto deserve better...Maybe next time they will look more closely at the big picture instead of dreaming about an almost all jungle/breaks party...I hate to say it but I'm really glad I didn't go...


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oke if whoever returned my wallet is reading this (i was wearing the blue TO shirt) .......


it is so good knowing there are stil honest people out there.

To all those who had the privilage of seeing me fallover on my drunkin dancing fall....hope you enjoyed it. i know i did. (dont worry it didnt hurt)

The chill area was dope. when we first arrived there was no one in there so we took 8 of the big cushion chair thing and arranged a landing pad. then played running supermans across the kool haus!

i personally was happy with the turnout. well if i was paying for that party i might not of been but during hypes set it seemed to be at a good level.

To all those people complaining that most junglists left after hype. well of course we did. we got what we came for and if your not all cracked out on E or blow or something there isnt much point staying in a venue past 3:00am anyhow.

Thank you syrous. u never dissapoint!
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i had such a fun night! post more later, but to answer the question about vitamin d...........BORING! i was definitly disappointed. however, the club was super empty by that time i guess it would be hard to get into a set, but i was expecting way more!


Klubmasta Will

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wikked night with the usual syrous crew. nice to meet some cool new people too.

key highlight was the bort-man vs. nakedboy dance-off. big bort drew more applause, but he tore his groin in the process while doing his patented jump-in-the-air-and-land-doing-the-splits-and-then-spin-out-michael-jackson-style move.

happy 9 year, syrous. :)

"i say bo! you say cho!"


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Originally posted by Klubmasta Will
wikked night with the usual syrous crew. nice to meet some cool new people too.

happy 9 year, syrous. :)

"i say bo! you say cho!"
Sounds like fun - pick up any 'bitches'? :)


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What a sick party!

This was the best party I went to all year.
I couldnt stop dancing.. the jungle was so damn good.

DJ Hype ripped it up! I was waiting for him to spin a shit track so i could
go to the bathroom.. but his whole set was fuckin iLL.. all 2hrs of it.

the vibe was so wicked, during hype's set, eVeryOne was dancing.

For the first time in a long time.. the venue was kickass!
it Had Air conditioning, wicked sound system, front n' back speakers..
lots of lounging tents and comfy benches.

I also like that you can smoke your herbs anywhere you want without being hassled by security.. heck, i didnt even see security that night.

I'm feeling 19+ parties are the next big thing
Big upz to Syrous for laying down(as usual), a flawless event.
If you dont like my driving, get off the sidewalk.
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