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Well whare to start? First of all Im a little dispointed at the turn out. About 200 people there. Its a shame that its hard to get people to come out to events whare the talent is mind blowing- but no one knows the names.
The DJ's them selves were fucking awsome. I caught the last 50 minutes or so of Misjah's set and we pretty impressed. He deffinatly plays it pretty hard and pretty wierd too. But you could tell he wasnt why everyone came. When Misjah finised- Stanny Frannsen A.K.A DJ G-FORCE stepped up opened with some Star Wars record that had the 20th Century Fox bit and everything. EVERYONE in the venue came down to the main dance floor of the opera house and made the party feel alot more tight. These people came for the right reasons! As for his set its self.. Fucking WOW. He worked 3 decks with some pure fucking skill. Funky- yet hard Italian style techno filled with alot of EQ tricks- Effects tricks and very properly timed pullbacks and record manipulation. At one point he had it a little too hard- but he dropped it down nice and funky again. For those who dont know- Stanny plays alot like Marco Carola (after all they grew up together in the same techno family) only with more tricks. This guy is perfect for Toronto crowds and I really hope he comes back and SOON- bucause his set was very very solid. Fuck that his set was NUTS!

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Adam Duke

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wow. secodn only to DAVE CLARKE, i have never seen a guy work the Pioneer DJM600 so much - fantastic stuff! G Force pulled some mighty nifty three deck tricks out of his sleeve. I gotta say...I waited 3 years to see him and I'm far from disappointed. I look forward to the next time he's in town.

Misjah was pretty good - his set was not what I expected...funkier than his gritty hard edge productions. A little loose in the mix but he got the floor going crazy regardless.

shouts out to Gerald, Amanda, Anna, Christine, d.code, ej, tommysmalls, tekkid, jake, jeff cochran, JT (GREAT to see you again, bud!) and the New Yorkers I met - Scott and his partner (wicked guys!).

Thanks for a great evening - I even got my groove on for a while on the dancefloor.

tech care,



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This party was awesome@(*$#_@#*($#*()#
Great music and good people. The only thing is it makes me sad to see that there was such a small turn out for such a great event. Makes one wonder how much longer promoters will be able to bring in great talent and still keep their shirts on their backs while doing it. Cheers to everyone that was out.... Greg, Doug, @M, Tommy, EJ, Tyler, Jeff and everyone.


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well, after arriving at the end of Misjah's set,(was at the comfort zone, for Mr.Gow's set) G-Force was fucking insane...i had to go up and witness such fucking magic for myself!!!!

great to see the following--> Ej,my boi's Greg and Jay,Dan(codex),phil(great to meet yah) @m---who danced up a storm! (props), Adam (sorry i didnt make it in time for drinks,tommy,Anna,theresa(damn what a hottie!)jake,my boi Freddy Paulo for his very brief appearance
,divell,Alan,mike(mindbender)and the rest of the crew...

sorry to miss meeting yah Tyler..


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Shariq Z

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Thanks to all the peeps that came out to support....Adam,Anna,Christine,Greg Gow...too many to list...but we are going to try this again. For those people that missed it Stanny Franssen rocked the hell out the decks...pure madness...efx of all kinds...back to back, contra beats..all that shit..Misjah was sick aswell...it was good jam .....peace


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this was one of the best nites i've had in awhile.. started it off at the comfort zone and ended up at the opera house.. even though there wasn't alot of ppl out everyone i met was solid.. dan(i told you we'd have fun), doug and jay(it was so nice meeting you guys-- we should really hit up lifefest), and tyler(fiction rules)..



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I was able to stop by for a bit to take a couple pictures, and the music was pumpin', even though the crowd was a little thin. Hopefully the turnout will be better at your next event. Props to Mike and Shariq for a good show. Good to see the TBK tek-heads in effect: @m, Tommy, Adam, Tyler, et al.

Pics to come soon ...

-- Jay aka Fut


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Given the crowd was thin...but when it comes down to it...I danced my ass of to some pounding techno...I can say that I haven't done that in a while...I was actually dissapointed that they shut down Mindbenders set, because I was still in the mood for partying...ask Philly, Jay and Doug that...they'll all agree

over all it was a sick night...much needed


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I am a little late postin' this message..
What can I say I had an awesome nite!
Thanx to Shariq and Mike for bringin' in my fave producer/dj and freind Stanny! Too bad there wasn't a solid turnout but I think we all had a good time, those that did come out for this one!No one was sorry! Very strong vibe happenin'!Shouts to Adam,Tommy, Doug, Shariq, Mike, Christine, David, AdamII,Tyler and anyone else I forgot to mention! Can't wait for your next event in November..damn I danced my ass off!

Cheers Anushka
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