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Syncratic Live PA Dub Tech 126 BPM

Sal De Ban

TRIBE Member
My friend and I having been working on this live pa set for a few months and this is 3 tracks that we put together for a demo... It is all played live with ABleton as the sequencer triggering midi clips....

Syncratic live 2 by Craig Dub on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free


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hopefully it'll be downloadable soon so i can play it away from my computer. this looks really sick but playing from my laptop sitting in an office chair won't do it the justice it probably deserves. (and you have a darkenergy? shit that's wild)


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Not sure why my friend did not make it downloadable... The DE is the shit... I sold my SH-101 to fund it and do not regret it one bit... It covers all the bases from doing sub bass to crazy fm shit and good acid... Only down side is the LFO is not syncable but no big deal... Thinking of picking up a Gakken 150 or Monotron to mod to connect to the CV/Gate out of the DE to use as a 2nd oscillator sound source for the DE...

Sal De Ban

TRIBE Member
i have a monotron. a friend that had the gakken said that the monotron is better, if that's helpful. its fun to annoy people on the 501 streetcar at 3am.