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Sydney Blu at FILM LOUNGE

Sandra G

New Member
Head's up for one of the newest and newly rated house Dj's in Toronto !!

Sydney Blu is her name and you can catch her vibe at Film Lounge on Saturday nights.

Alongside her resident starlets AMG's progressive house and Chiclet's earthly trance..... the "Girls on Film" crew has proven to be a player amongst the Toronto club plays on a Saturday night.

Film Lounge
393 Dundas St W
"Look for the Moose"

For guestlist or information, RSVP to Sandra



TRIBE Member
i would love to check these girls out.

heard too much. now i must see for myself.

check yo mail Sandra G.

Sandra G

New Member
Got you Aleks..

Looking forward to a great party...
A definit appreciation for your interest...!!

Got your mail and you are set up !!

San ;)