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Sydney Blu & Addy @ Beba Last Nite


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I figured seeing as i've NEVER SEEN it so packed in there in my ENTIRE LIFE (EVEN when i was throwing parties there :( )

I had a great time...The music was awesome (what was with the 80 year old trucker asking for sips of peoples beers?)
It was a LITTLE hot...But i love when a crowd doesn't give a shit because the music is so hot...

they finally got a new mixer and you could hear it in the sound, Addy and Sydney Blu ROCKED it

Too bad Sydney Blu's cd's weren't ready but i was tol dthey'd be there next week with De-koze. Definitely my favourite spot to chill on a Thursday....



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It was crazy packed. I had a great time. It is always such a cool crowd - like when someone bumps you and actualy says sorry. What else can be said about the music other then Sydney Blu Rocks!